Translation of charlady in Spanish:


mujer de la limpieza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑrˌleɪdi/ /ˈtʃɑːleɪdi/

nounplural charladies

  • 1

    mujer de la limpieza feminine
    limpiadora feminine
    asistenta feminine Spain
    • Caine's mother was a charlady, so the scenes in the rural pile in the movie had a far deeper resonance for him than mere film-set nostalgia.
    • The curler-wearing charlady, played by Jean Alexander, lived with husband Stan in a house decorated with her famous flying ducks and treasured Alpine ‘muriel’.
    • Sir Michael arrived 30 minutes early for yesterday's ceremony so he could drive around his old neighbourhood, where his father was a fish porter and his mother a charlady.
    • They spent much of their time moving forwards on their knees - much as the infiltrating Japanese must have done - and those wires broken without comment from the charladies were noted by observers.
    • She works as a charlady for well-off, upper-middle-class women, and she lives a fairly austere, but comfortable, life with her husband, Stan, a mechanic in his brother's garage, and their grown-up children, Sid and Ethel.
    • The comedy drooped a little after this, when Sugden's charlady character, Lil, just given an MBE for services to the House of Commons, gossiped with a statue of Churchill and then celebrated her award at a drunken party with Vi and Min.