Translation of charm bracelet in Spanish:

charm bracelet

pulsera de dijes, n.


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    pulsera de dijes feminine
    pulsera de colgantes feminine
    pulsera de chiches feminine Chile
    • More within the reach of the novice collector are the myriad of smaller novelty pieces, from the cameo brooch to the charm bracelet.
    • Forget the gold charm bracelet and chunky gold necklaces, big does not have to be brash!
    • They made off with a silver charm bracelet, two passports, a gold brooch and a silver chain.
    • Maybe she would want a silver necklace, or perhaps a charm bracelet?
    • These would have been strung together perhaps as necklaces or wrist pieces as early examples of a charm bracelet.
    • Jo looked down and took off her charm bracelet and held it over Nadia.
    • From her brother, sister-in-law and niece, she had gotten money, some new charms for her charm bracelet, and some accessories for her dorm room.
    • So, as of yesterday, I've earned the right to wear the charm bracelet I've had since 2002 and been unable to wear for nearly two years now.
    • She held up a silver-plated charm bracelet with charms in the shape of a musical note, a paintbrush, a ballet slipper, and an inkwell all dangling from it.
    • ‘Maybe this whole thing was just a fling and nothing more,’ she thought as she looked at her charm bracelet.
    • The silver charm bracelet clinked under his fingers.
    • Her silver charm bracelet dangled onto her homework.
    • The charms on her silver charm bracelet clinked together.
    • My father's mother had a charm bracelet, and I didn't know this.
    • It had hearts on it and looked a bit like a charm bracelet.
    • Much to my delight, it turned out to be a silver charm bracelet.
    • I turned the radio on and jangled the charm bracelet on my wrist.
    • Brian and Karen got me a gilded charm bracelet, ‘So you can put all your favorite things on there and stuff!’
    • She wore a pearl charm bracelet on her wrist and bounded down the stairs.
    • It was then that he noticed that she was wearing the charm bracelet again.