Translation of charnel house in Spanish:

charnel house

osario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑrnl ˌhaʊs/ /ˈtʃɑːnl haʊs/

Definition of osario in Spanish


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    osario masculine
    • The elite were often buried in log-lined tombs within the charnel houses, accompanied by a selection of rich grave goods.
    • In preparation for his monstrous experiment Victor scours charnel houses, places for vivisection, and graveyards, for parts from which to assemble his New Adam or Modern Prometheus, which is the novel's subtitle.
    • The burial rites involved placing the dead person in a charnel house made of wooden posts, burning it, and then constructing a mound over the top.
    • It was only last year that the first memorial to fallen Germans was erected in the city now called Volgograd and vast numbers of corpses remain stacked in primitive charnel houses awaiting burial at a time when wounds are not so raw.
    • The dancing figures on the walls of the charnel house or the church were there to remind their audience that death was to be found everywhere.