Translation of chart in Spanish:


carta de navegación, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɑrt/ /tʃɑːt/


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    • 1.1Aviation Nautical

      carta de navegación feminine
      • Having to navigate whilst seated on the deck facing aft with only a chart, a stopwatch and a navigation plan is a feat few could accomplish and must be admired.
      • Glancing at our navigation chart, I noticed the Lakehurst Naval Air Station with its huge airship hangars was slightly off course inland.
      • For example, you want to make sure that the ‘old’ name is removed from everything on board, including log books and charts.
      • Her current task is to undertake survey work, updating existing charts and navigational resources.
      • Balides, embarking on his 24th mission, was there with his track chart and flight plan.
      • He also drew the first accurate navigation charts of the islands.
      • Many were wrecked because of inadequate knowledge or charts, poor navigation skills or handling but also as a result of the unpredictable seas and weather.
      • The only hang-up was the navigation chart got sucked out the window somewhere over North Carolina; fortunately, we were in a familiar area.
      • Until now, boaters with navigation software had to purchase their charts from a vendor or pay a vendor for a subscription to a chart updating service.
      • These objects were not marked on nautical charts.
      • Your choice of aeronautical charts also is important.
      • The case for more accurate and timely government nautical charts seems to have resonated within the new Bush Administration this year.
      • Dee prepared nautical information, including charts for navigation in the polar regions, for the company during the next 32 years.
      • All the airspace changes will be depicted on aeronautical charts from November 25.
      • Our chart showed a group of small islands off to starboard, with - unusually - a marked channel leading in.
      • Each participant of the rally, that began from Grand Hyatt hotel here, was given a navigation chart containing directions of route and driving speed.
      • Among the items in the collection is Captain Cook's original chart of Newfoundland - one of more than 100,000 items which will be located in the Naval Base.
      • The manual also contains a handy navigation chart for the control panel on the printer itself.
      • Without an accurate chart, she anchored in Betano Bay at dusk on September 23, 1942 and commenced disembarking troops over her quarterdeck.
      • Items on a table included an air chart of the US, and a flight instruction manual.

    • 1.2Meteorology

      mapa masculine
      carta feminine

    • 1.3

      (diagram, graph) gráfico masculine
      (table) tabla feminine
      to keep a chart of sth llevar una estadística de algo
      • It contains many descriptive black and white drawings, as well as tables, charts, and graphs, to illustrate information in the text.
      • This documentation frequently is supplemented with tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate information presented in the text.
      • There were neatly laid out charts, tables and graphs in bright colours, illustrating the statistical information and making it all easier to spot the main trends.
      • She was sitting as usual at the table with sheets and charts spread all around her, a pen in her hand and a coffee close by.
      • He had carefully drawn various diagrams and charts on oversize graph paper.
      • It also helps to extract information into charts, tables, bulleted lists and interactive graphics.
      • His collection of antique graphs and finely ruled charts works great for explaining information design to academics and engineers.
      • The graphs and charts provide fascinating information, along with colorful photographs of many different types of chameleons.
      • The abundance of figures, tables, charts, and examples help make the research results more understandable.
      • The distribution of patients according to vital status, therapy received, or a specific prognostic factor can also be displayed as a table or a chart.
      • This bit of dry data, presented in charts and tables of figures intelligible only to specialists, links the unremarkable urban events with the movement of the stars.
      • The couch was inviting, but the table in front was devoid of his charts and probe data sheets.
      • His well-structured argument included charts, graphs, and scientific data to describe climate change trends.
      • Maybe you hate paperwork and your dream come true would be to have all the quotes reformatted as a graph or a comparison chart instead of having to sit there and read through the lot.
      • The chart above shows a graph of the most influential or authoritative blogs as compared with the most authoritative ‘big media’ sites.
      • Frequently, a sketch, a map, a chart, a graph, a computerized illustration or even a photograph really has no probative value at all.
      • Don't you have a chart or a graph somewhere that tells you when you've repeated yourself.
      • There is a choice between several standard graph styles, bar charts, pie charts and line charts.
      • Science questions often consist of interpreting a graph or a chart correctly rather than knowing anything about chemical properties or physical laws.
      • As the chart illustrates, the longer you have your money invested, the greater your investment return and the less you need to save to reach your goal.

  • 2charts plural

    (hit parade)
    the charts la lista de éxitos
    • the singles charts la lista de singles

transitive verb

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    (make map of)
    trazar el mapa de
    • It wasn't until these areas were charted, the dangers known, and markets for goods discovered that private ships sailed the ocean to move goods around the planet.
    • But the Pacific Ocean is unpredictable, some areas are not charted well and some of the charts go back to the last century so you can get reefs and islands off where they actually are.
    • Interest in the colonies was also sustained by a new generation of restless, independent-minded explorers who set off to chart the unmapped areas beyond the frontiers of the French Empire.
    • Flinders surveyed and charted the entire south coast from Cape Leeuwin and reached South Australian waters in January 1802 also charting the coast, islands, bays and headlands.
    • The ship went on to chart the east coast of Australia, successfully claiming half the continent for King George III.
    • In 1821 Captain Philip P. King visited Stanley Island as he sailed north, charting the coasts for the British Navy in the interests of colonial power.
    • Leaving New Zealand in April 1770, Cook made for Australia and began charting the coast.
    • Cook charted the coasts and seaways of Canada, the St Lawrence Channel and the coasts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
    • They span the period from James Cook's first Pacific voyage, which charted the east coast of Australia in 1770, to the present.
    • As well as observing the transit of Venus at Tahiti, Cook charted the coasts of both the large islands of New Zealand and of eastern Australia.
    • He also learnt about cartographic techniques, that is the ability to go and chart coasts of new lands.
    • Tipperary man Henry Kellett was the first European to sight and chart the Siberian coast.
    • I had spent an idyllic summer on Mayne Island which takes its name from a lieutenant on a Royal Navy survey ship that charted these waters a century and a half ago.
    • Volunteers will get a designated area to chart starting at 12 noon and all are welcome to go along to help.
    • A Soviet oceanographer added his own theory to the pile in 1979, when he charted a sunken plateau about 560 miles off the western coast of Portugal.
    • The island was clearly identified in court records of the Ming dynasty, charted by the explorer Cheng Ho in 1430 and given its current name, Taiwan.
    • On September 14 the unit was reconnoitred as a diversionary raid; two mines were found and detonated and the beach and defense positions charted.
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    (plan, plot)
    • Lee turned from the windows and followed his executive to the table, and they began to chart a new course.
    • And by far the best way to enjoy it is to hire a cabin cruiser and chart a course along its winding length.
    • Instead we carry on our proud tradition of charting an independent course.
    • They wanted their clubs to go one way, but found others charting a different course.
    • It was Charles de Gaulle who first charted this course.
    • The Canadian Cancer Society, on the other hand, has recently charted an independent course.
    • Knowing how they have charted their courses can only help as you begin to chart yours.
    • But he must be left unfettered to chart his own course, do the job as a true political leader and with all the powers normally associated with true leadership.
    • I shall continue to chart my own course to recovery.
    • You have to chart your own course, for you know best your situation.
    • Her surname suits, because you'll need an atlas to chart her background.
    • In the special exhibition area the costume gallery charts some of the radical changes that have occurred in tennis outfits, especially for women.
    • It highlights key facets of presidential policies and priorities, difficulties and conflicts, while charting the developing nature of the office.
    • Hence they can be used as unfaltering focal points by which to chart your personal development.
    • Rather than tying literary phenomena to underlying social and political developments, she charts an autonomous history for literature itself.
    • Although it charts the development of ideas in Van Gogh's ouevre, the show is not organised strictly chronologically, but by theme.
    • Actually, the route that the bus follows was charted by a police constable by the name of Tolmer.
    • It wants to chart the changing landscape of the area and its transformation from marshes to a new town.
    • A new book has been published tracing the history of an Oakworth family and charting its influence on the area.
    • It is the 17th book in a series of guides charting the pharmaceutical industry's progress in major disease areas.
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    (progress/changes) seguir atentamente
    (progress/changes) (record) registrar gráficamente
    the graph charts their progress el gráfico muestra / refleja su progreso
    • Federal investigators are scouring records to chart the life of the animal and others in its birth herd for evidence that they may have consumed contaminated feed.
    • Today, unattended robotic telescopes scan skies that have been charted over centuries, recording their findings in modern databases.
    • All aspects of each practice game should be charted and recorded so that individual player analysis is complete.
    • The final survey results will be revealed in the live event starting in late May, with the overall aim being to gain 100,000 recordings charting spring's arrival.
    • Certain off licences in the city centre operate a refusal register, which charts the estimated age of children that they turn away.
    • Participants recorded and charted their daily lifestyle activities in each area to provide evaluative feedback.
    • The work is double- and triple-checked by two other reporters charting the game from home.
    • As there can be 100 or so storms a year meteorologists need a means of identifying individual storms to avoid confusion, especially as one or more storms may be followed and charted by many meteorologists simultaneously.
    • System software generates reports and charts the results to user specifications.
    • Coach Smith's system of different defenses are charted in the following diagram.
    • Jane, a registered nurse on a busy surgical unit, completes an assessment of one of her assigned postoperative patients but charts minimal information on the patient record.
    • The technique measures activity in different regions of the brain by charting the flow of blood to particular areas.
    • In principle, victim surveys are an additional way of charting the nature of victimization.
    • Participants also calculated and charted a weekly summary of their lifestyle activities in each area for additional feedback.
    • These summary scores and a summary score for all areas were calculated, recorded, and charted on a lifestyle summary sheet.
    • In an intensive work period, Beagle surveyed more than 120 square miles of sea-bed, locating and charting more than 3,500 identifiable individual features.
    • The stable funds will rarely need charting, just a monthly record of prices.
    • A national database charts more than 28 million UK addresses which can identify whether or not a home has a licence.
    • I explain their viewing will be first charted, then restricted.
    • This now holds over 5.2 million records of marine life and has charted 38,000 species.