Translation of chaste in Spanish:


casto, adj.

Pronunciation /tʃeɪst/

adjective chaster, chastest

  • 1

    (pure, modest)
    • For Nietzsche, there is no modesty, no chaste self-governing in the sexual antagonism and the unrestrained gift of the woman.
    • Oh, they flirt casually, make eyes at each other, and share a chaste embrace or two, but we never see anything that makes us say, ‘Now they're a couple.’
    • They embraced in a chaste kiss that was long over due.
    • He pulled her into a chaste embrace and bent to whisper in her ear.
    • But that relatively chaste kiss and tender embrace was as far as she would allow him to go.
    • At the same time, like the guest house of a Japanese temple, it provides its users with a chaste, yet strangely luxurious atmosphere in which to contemplate nature.
    • Romantic fable though it may be, this film's approach to romance is chaste, indeed: there are no embraces, nor is there any kissing or touching, let alone nudity and fornication.
    • It was a chaste kiss ended in a comforting embrace.
    • Then they held each other in an embrace that was not altogether chaste.
    • She shook her head mockingly before walking over to his father to embrace him and gave Garth a chaste kiss on the cheek.
    • As lovely as this seems, there is a dark cloud threatening to corrupt this pure, chaste, unspoiled sensation.
    • Their lips met, and for a second it was a chaste, innocent kiss, but suddenly something flared to life.
    • A good night kiss, as chaste and as innocent as it could be, just seemed the fitting response to that sensitivity.
    • Eva would want to know, but the kiss was too private, too perfect, too wonderful, too pure and chaste to be shared.
    • Since then, I have spent my week in carefree, moral, and chaste ecstasy.
    • Lewdness abounds, but after all of this repressed sexuality, the next scene is a chaste dance between Mina and the addled Harker.
    • The kiss we share is simple and chaste, yet beneath it runs a current of longing and desire borne of our time apart.
  • 2

    (style/architecture) sobrio
    (style/architecture) sencillo
    • He was, according to one of his many illustrious pupils, ‘a charming teacher, so simple, unaffected and sincere in manner, so chaste in style, so clear in demonstration’.
    • It stood pure, chaste, pious and impenetrable.
    • His diction is pure and chaste, and has all the dignity which the subject requires and all the grace of which it admits.
    • If the male nudes were inherently controversial, Hersilia draped in white like her sisters in David's tableaux of the 1780s, would seem to offer an acceptably chaste classical counterpoint.
    • Clark's talent has always been about paradox, the chaste classical lines of his choreography inflected with a blatant sexual frisson.