Translation of chat in Spanish:


charla, n.

Pronunciation /tʃæt/ /tʃat/

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    charla feminine
    conversación feminine mainly Latin America
    plática feminine Central America, Mexico
    to have a chat with sb charlar / hablar con algn
    • it's time we had a serious chat es hora de que hablemos seriamente
    • I'll have a chat with him about his behavior hablaré con él / le hablaré sobre su comportamiento
    • There have been many similar wine-fuelled conversations, conspiratorial chats over coffee, or long-winded email dialogues.
    • How do they like to communicate - by e-mail, voicemail or an informal chat when you drop by their office?
    • Last week you were having cosy, informal chats in their office, now you're getting the brush-off whenever you try to instigate a meeting.
    • Informal chats with officials revealed that windsurfing is one of the fastest growing aquatic sports in the world.
    • If you would like to give some time to furthering the caring work of the centre, ring to get an appointment for an informal chat.
    • It was simply a relationship I had with a friend who was an experienced magician, regular chats and conversation with someone who was a good friend.
    • Their various discussions, arguments and chats had laid the foundation for open and honest communication.
    • There is much wisdom in our group experience, so take advantage of camping conferences, online chats, and visits to neighboring camps.
    • From fraternal chats to nuptial discussions, video-conferencing offers a solution to almost all aspects of personal and professional life.
    • I have lost my talent of having ultra-long telephone chats.
    • Still, it's the season for heart-to-heart chats and just-for-two dinners by candlelight.
    • A cup of tea and a chat in the community centre was greatly appreciated.
    • Some of his characters were informed by the chats he had with random passengers during long train journeys.
    • A couple of long chats with my Mum, and an email conversation with a fellow law student, helped me set some issues aside, if not settle them.
    • The group is informal and gives the opportunity for parents to have a chat, while their children play with other kids.
    • The first story admits of a little frivolity, as we see in the conversation of the girls and the bawdy chat of Graham.
    • That night we had a decent chat and said our goodbyes to each other through our conversation.
    • But she was really nice and came and sat at our table and had a chat and it was very informal.
    • Many of the topics discussed in the chat were later elaborated in the conference system.
    • After our chat, Trevor was decent enough to drive me back into San Francisco.

intransitive verb chatting, chatted, chatted

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    conversar mainly Latin America
    platicar Central America, Mexico
    to chat to sb charlar / hablar con algn
    conversar con algn
    platicar con algn
    to chat with sb charlar / hablar con algn
    conversar con algn
    platicar con algn
    • She sat with them for a while, chatting in a friendly and motherly way.
    • Minutes before he arrived, Charlotte had been sober, and was chatting to her friend.
    • At home she likes it cosy: snuggling up on a sofa with a book, chatting to friends.
    • The girls who were watching cars earlier in the evening are there, chatting to some friends.
    • Today he was chatting with a friend, so I just nodded and smiled and reached for my keys.
    • A friend rung, we chatted for a while then she began talking about some of the events in New York.
    • We were with all our friends and danced and chatted and had a really lovely time.
    • It was on our first anniversary that I was chatting to my mother on the phone.
    • I was lying down on my bed, my roommate still in the room chatting quietly with a friend.
    • As such, I've spent the bulk of the day alternating working with chatting to mates.
    • I like how you can walk into a bar at midnight and people are still sober, still happily chatting away.
    • It only takes a couple of morsels of chocolate for them all to start chatting again.
    • The chaplain will be asked to work for a couple of hours a week chatting and listening to customers and staff.
    • On the way back I got chatting to the driver, and I asked if we could go through Richmond Park.
    • These days she's far more concerned with chatting to residents and getting things done.
    • I got chatting to one of the police officers, who looked like she'd been having quite a bad week.
    • I spent the evening chatting and had a great time, so my need for chatter was fulfilled finally.
    • A couple of years ago I was chatting to somebody at work, and I asked where she lived.
    • We sat around on benches, swings and garden furniture chatting about all manner of things.
    • The thing is that fellow smokers tend to get chatting in a far less formal way than when in the conference hall.
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    (on internet)
    to chat to sb chatear con algn
    to chat with sb chatear con algn