Translation of chat line in Spanish:

chat line

foro telefónico, n.


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    foro telefónico masculine
    • In 1989, the company banned telephone chatlines after discovering people were becoming addicted to them.
    • Thankfully, when telephone chatlines first emerged, age was against me.
    • He moved to Wiltshire a few months later after meeting the mother of the four-year-old girl through a telephone chatline.
    • The entire 170 pages are simply a conversation between a man and a woman who have met on a phone chatline and are speaking to each other at $2 a minute.
    • Kiernan, a ‘business wizard’ according to Hemphill, was running a phone chatline, and offered Hemphill some shifts to supplement his grant.
    • A company executive generated £1m a week for a saucy chatline - and was sacked because he wasn't a ‘team player’.
    • Is it possible to have a Sikh chatline where you can talk about the religion, where you can put your ideas together and have more information on Sikhism.
    • The court was told that last February, the Department for Work and Pensions started to investigate employees of a chatline operating in the Bury area.
    • When increased regulations made running the chatline more difficult in Britain, he simply chased business elsewhere.
    • Tom was a guy Victoria had met through a chat line one holiday break.
    • He said that since he had lost his job he had become very depressed and had made a vast number of calls to chat lines.
    • But I think placing an ad in one of the local papers, or getting on one of the chat lines, could bring just as great a response and variety of individuals.
    • It wasn't long before she learned to use the chat lines, and began talking to people from all over the world.
    • Sometimes they come to school bleary-eyed after sitting up half the night on chat lines.
    • Bear in mind, though, that premium rate numbers are also used legitimately for chat lines and for voting on some popular reality television shows.