Translation of chat room in Spanish:

chat room

chat, n.


  • 1

    chat masculine
    tertulia digital feminine
    • The survey shows that nearly half of the women surveyed have never been in a chat room on the Internet.
    • An Internet chat room or news group would be set up with access restricted to forum members.
    • The couple are more than familiar with the world-wide web, having met through an internet chat room.
    • We turn to the Internet chat room for textual interventions in our sexual, political and aesthetic lives.
    • Last week, in an internet chat room, someone asked what, if any, doubts others had about their forthcoming wedding.
    • I bet there's an internet chat room where they swap time-saving tips.
    • They visited an internet chat room for Irish farmers who confirmed that it was best to stay away.
    • You should read through articles in a newsgroup and listen to the flow of a chat room before you jump in.
    • It is argued that it is almost impossible to retract a message posted to a chat room or discussion board.
    • Always stay in the public areas of the chat room, where there are other people around.
    • If they are stupid enough to send money to someone in a chat room, they deserve what they got.
    • It is just very motivational to hear from all of you, whether it is on email, in a chat room, or on the side of the race course.
    • Sometimes in a chat room someone will offer to help you with a computer problem.
    • I happened upon your web site while reading some remarks in a chat room.
    • If you are registered in the online community, you're registered for the chat room.
    • Tony flicked on the TV too, but kept the sound on mute as he entered the chat room for the scheduled hack.
    • The class meets online once a week in a chat room during the fall semester.
    • That night he logged on to a chat room of virtual friends.
    • The site also has message boards and a chat room, which often features special guests.
    • Who would have thought Andrew and Eliese were getting married as a result of meeting one fateful day in a chat room?