Translation of chatelaine in Spanish:


castellana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃædlˌeɪn/ /ˈʃatəleɪn/


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    castellana feminine
    • This is an event in the spirit of the teas once held by Martha Black when she was the chatelaine of the house and her husband was the Commissioner.
    • But times have changed and the chatelaine, Lucinda Shaw Stewart, has diversified into other businesses, like so many other members of the landed gentry.
    • Anyone who has visited the house in recent years can't fail to have been impressed by its garden and its chatelaine, Marylyn Abbott.
    • A large oil painting of the chatelaine hangs in the dining room, overlooking a lavishly laid table.
    • The chatelaine waited patiently and loyally for him to return and take possession of her gift.