Translation of chattel in Spanish:


bienes muebles, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃædl/ /ˈtʃat(ə)l/


  • 1

    bienes muebles masculine
    all his goods and chattels todas sus pertenencias
    • The mortgage, both over chattels and over real property, as well as a fixed and a floating charge granted by a corporation, fall into this group.
    • An additional way in which the matter may have to be tested is against the case where the trust property is a chattel.
    • George, like many land reformers, considered that land, unlike chattels, had been common property in early society; that existing land titles were effectively rooted in ancient theft.
    • Distress, of course, is a self-help remedy available to landlords of commercial properties, which enables them to enter the property to seize chattels belonging to a tenant for the purpose of recovering rent in arrears.
    • Such securities are open-ended, as the chattels or assets covered by them continue to change and, basically, are unaffected by the security unless the debtor is in default.