Translation of chatty in Spanish:


conversador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃædi/ /ˈtʃati/

adjective chattier, chattiest

  • 1

    (person) conversador
    (person) hablador
    (style) informal
    (style) llano
    (letter) simpático y lleno de noticias
    • ‘None that we can talk about’ opined the chairman, in an informal, chatty way.
    • While both are extremely charming and friendly, when Michael looks at you, you feel included, he has a chatty, informal way of talking.
    • I'm chatty anyway but I probably get even more voluble.
    • You don't have to be the most outgoing or chatty person in the world because in student villages there are so many people that are in the same boat as you are and you have no choice but to start bonding.
    • Lars is really talkative and chatty on the way backstage and as it begins to rain, we take refuge in Kate's car where I press play on the Dictaphone…
    • They usually are chatty easy going guys with fun stories.
    • Charlie is extremely nice and very much in the mould of Mr Chatterton, my old history teacher, in terms of his generally affable, laid-back, chatty nature.
    • The Bob we initially meet is a spunky, chatty extrovert who jumps into cars and prattles humorously to the drivers about music and her best friend and boy troubles.
    • Prince Andrew, who appeared relaxed and chatty as he sat in for half an hour of the programme, offered two tickets to Ascot with the winners entitled to access the royal enclosure.
    • She's good company - chatty and funny with a penchant for comedy accents - but becomes focused and a bit po-faced when the tape's running.
    • Not only were the aisles empty, and the checkout operator nice and chatty without being a complete airhead, I got a new CD while I was there.
    • It must have taken me about ten minutes to select my favourite - and by that time, the chatty beautician had filed and buffed my fingernails, ready for painting.
    • He was so polite and chatty he was a pleasure to have in the restaurant.
    • Gorn's campaigning style is chatty and relaxed.
    • I have also made new friends and whereas I used to be quiet and shy, I am now quite chatty.
    • The problem is that at first you can't really tell there's anything wrong with Adam - he's very chatty and he's very independent in lots of ways.
    • This may be the beginning of the end of chatty Shelly.
    • The hygienist was pleasantly less chatty than hygienists of past visits.
    • If you're feeling chatty, talk to the bookshop staff.
    • Pleasant and chatty, his warmth energises what he says.
    • In the few days she spent in our house, she and my wife made friends, they wrote chatty letters to one another and exchanged recipes.
    • A while back, I got a note from my friend Rebecca in Denver, one of the last people left on Earth who still sits down and writes a chatty letter.
    • Voters in Putney have received a chatty letter from Mr Brown all about the budget, without a word on his boss.
    • A flurry of letters to local newspapers all over the country triggered a steady flow of chatty reminiscences by letter, e-mail and phone.
    • It is lively and chatty but still manages to be thoughtful enough when it matters.
    • The book is chatty and informative, with good stories about things on the edge of one's mind that Hampton is able to bring into useful focus.
    • She answers e-mails and writes a chatty, informative diary.
    • Despite the anticlimactic nature of the gig, the mood is cheerful and chatty.
    • But a lot of people in the real world do get their information from readable, chatty documents.
    • Its chatty, friendly style makes it an easy read and suitable for kids - in fact, that's probably the best audience for this book.
    • Your review should be less friendly or chatty and more technical and serious than your previous writing.
    • On the negative side, the author's voice is too chatty and the dialogue is overly melodramatic.
    • Just as carefully, we utilised the same chatty tone in relaying the information.
    • Just keep rehearsing with the new words so it sounds friendly, cheery, and chatty.
    • The performances also seem improvised because the dialogue is fragmentary, tangential and chatty rather than goal-oriented.
    • The instrumental and vocal processing is discursive, chatty, and rarely applied to any truly engaging effect.