Translation of chauvinism in Spanish:


chovinismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃoʊvəˌnɪzəm/ /ˈʃəʊv(ɪ)nɪz(ə)m/


  • 1

    chovinismo masculine
    patriotería feminine
    • It rests on aggressive xenophobia, chauvinism, fanatical imperial ambitions and fascist demagogy.
    • I have no sense of, objectively, how great he is deemed to be in the canon - especially outside of England where parochialism, patriotism and chauvinism inevitably play their part.
    • In fact, it was the aggressive chauvinism of the industrialists, the middle classes and the press which had created the climate that led inexorably to war, even among the Central Powers.
    • Patriotism is chauvinism, no doubt about it, and Turton is ready to say so.
    • A definite environment has been created of blind patriotism and chauvinism.
    • Should I, this civic nationalist, disdain raw chauvinism, empathise with these nice, troubled young English people and remember just how badly they want this prize?
    • But when we are busy condemning national chauvinism, religious hatred and war crimes abroad, it is no time to whitewash our own past.
    • Nothing must be allowed to subvert the text; no optimism springing from political chauvinism or national frenzies.
    • Why would I let a bit of nationalist chauvinism get in the way?
    • And with intoxicated minds, nationalism can easily turn into chauvinism when it comes to judge other cultures.
    • This ought be done very vigorously - without any concession to racial, national or cultural chauvinism.
    • The Seattle protests were noteworthy for the relative absence of nationalism and chauvinism, but without the above perspective these sentiments have grown.
    • All of them, deeply mired in nationalism and chauvinism, have squarely lined up behind their ‘own’ regime in its preparations for war.
    • They would not be tempted by nationalism or chauvinism which could provoke regional instability, nor would they be tempted to develop and equip their armed forces with nuclear weapons.
    • Instead of breaking the power of the clergy and the landowners and liberating the religious and national minorities, they relied on oppression and chauvinism.
    • By depicting 1812 as a time when all Russians were comrades with a single goal, it expressed the idea of Russian nationality without arrogance or chauvinism.
    • Nonetheless, they have nothing to do with chauvinism or nationalism and are based on the centuries old history of Russian statehood.
    • These are gross exaggerations aimed at fanning chauvinism.
    • Their investment in nationalistic chauvinism has dangerous implications.
    • Separatism and the politics of nationalism and ethno-linguistic chauvinism are a trap for the working class.
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    male chauvinism machismo