Translation of cheapjack in Spanish:


ordinario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃipˌdʒæk/ /ˈtʃiːpdʒak/


  • 1

    de pacotilla informal
    de baratillo informal
    (builder/electrician) chapucero
    • It was a cheapjack company that paid writers and artists at rates ranging from poor to involuntary servitude, then printed their wares on presses that were outmoded.
    • The director decided to take ‘the opportunity to beat his cheapjack imitators at their own game’.
    • I looked forward to that, and began reading avidly, but soon the sonnets went off into a very cheapjack self parody, and I thought oh, how easy!
    • But the cheapjack production values and inconsistent animation constitute serious and sad disappointments.
    • And so, you find the bizarreness of a funeral being transformed into a cheapjack political rally - and none of the participants realizing how utterly ghastly that looks to normal people.