There are 2 main translations of check in Spanish

: check1check2


frenar, v.

Pronunciation /tʃɛk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (enemy advance) frenar
    (anger/impulse/tears) contener
    (anger/impulse/tears) controlar
    • Seafarers believe that the Government has to take drastic steps to check the flow of workers from Indian ships to foreign vessels.
    • There is no one who can stop or check the world's only superpower.
    • He wanted to check the bleeding, but he knew better than to stop applying pressure.
    • The spread of the disease can be checked to a large extent if infected persons are not allowed to come into contact with others and if steps are taken to prevent the contamination of water and food.
    • As water gushes down, its speed should be checked, slowly halted and made to glide and then its absorption should be facilitated.
    • With an increasing number of positive people coming out together to improve their quality of life, the frightening rapidity of the disease can perhaps be checked.
    • The enemy would be checked by a series of hinterland fortifications while the field army closed in.
    • Since then, the general level has been more stable, though very high, but as fast as one type of crime is checked another type increases.
    • Even the greatest obstacles, whether of language or customs or religion, have not been able to check that triumphal progress.
    • But there have been no stringent checks of diesel quality to check emission levels as in the West, he says.
    • City are out to underline their promotion credentials to a national audience tomorrow by checking Hartlepool United's runaway progress to the Division Three title.
    • Although the Swedes were far from defeated, their seemingly unstoppable progress had been checked.
    • The campaign is a reflection of the government's intention to substitute domestic products for imported products and thereby to check the flow of imports from other Member States.
    • In England, fertility was checked by the late seventeenth-century increase in the age at which women married and in the proportion of both sexes who never married.
    • What can the police do to check the increase in violence?
    • In the aftermath of the Revolution, the Founders had struggled to construct a government that would check the rise of extreme elements, whether religious or secular.
    • People must be aware of the nature of the disease, the symptoms, the way in which it is to be checked and the method of controlling transmission.
    • Thus it is clear that if governments are determined to curb communal violence it can be effectively checked.
    • The electoral parties have a task to curb, check and eliminate communalism.
    • If terrorism is to be checked, the ground that breeds it must not be watered.
    • Athene intervenes to check his urge to kill Agamemnon on the spot, and he withdraws in a sulk from the fighting.
    • Kate licked her lips and tried to check her anger.
    • Marcus remained silent while his temple pulsed and he checked his anger.
    • Ann couldn't check a half-cry of laughter as she said, ‘How kind of you to remember my existence’.
    • He seems incapable of checking his rage and increasingly bent on causing real harm to others.
    • From here on, reaction stiffened, although checked by the ministry for some years.
    • We must check our urge to impose our opinions on what Jack goes through, because as with all art, what it means depends on how you look at it.
    • Hurriedly Violet checked the laugh bubbling up in her throat and asked Alice for her opinion.
    • I was startled when Cassie described almost smashing a vase over Brian's head because he was irritating her, but she successfully checked her violent reaction.
    • She checked her desire to glare and instead greeted them warmly.
  • 2

    • 2.1(inspect)

      (passport/ticket) revisar
      (passport/ticket) controlar
      (passport/ticket) checar Mexico
      (machine/product) inspeccionar
      (quality) controlar
      (temperature/pressure/volume) comprobar
      (temperature/pressure/volume) chequear
      (temperature/pressure/volume) checar Mexico
      (emails) chequear
      (emails) revisar
      (emails) checar Mexico
      to check sth for sth
      • check the material for flaws
      • check your local branch for information
      I'm just going to check my emails solo voy a chequear mi correo electrónico
      • Dermatologists often check the mouth to determine a skin diagnosis or detect sexually transmitted diseases.
      • It is a good idea to have your contractor or consultant check the health and quality of the trees when they arrive on site.
      • He is alert, listens carefully to question after question and scans his answers as if to check them for accuracy.
      • He added that estate agents had no responsibility for checking the condition properties are left in.
      • No formal risk assessment had ever been carried out on river walks by the teachers and they had not checked the weather conditions prior to the activity.
      • We do all our best to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, but we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies which may arise.
      • In fact, I gave the book to my father to check it for accuracy.
      • However a hydrologist would need to visit the island to check the volume and quality of water in the caves first.
      • As data is collected, the weather officer checks it for accuracy and sends it to the center through satellite downlink every 30 seconds.
      • He has personally vetted them, checking them for technical quality, even spent time on the phone with producers.
      • Injuries are scored with the 1990 revision of the abbreviated injury scale, and all scoring is checked centrally to ensure accuracy and consistency.
      • Pregnant females were checked daily for the presence of a litter, so the age of all animals and specimens is known to within 1 day.
      • Files are checked for image quality, size and layout (but not necessarily color).
      • When completed, a random sample of returned questionnaires was checked to ensure accuracy of data entry.
      • A second native-speaker of each target language checked each translation for accuracy.
      • It is therefore very important that that you check the forms for accuracy and notify your custodian of any discrepancies.
      • In this way the operator can check field conditions before irrigation.
      • Then the muscles are checked to determine whether the substance has had any negative effect.
      • The research was inspired after nightclubs in South America started asking for mobiles to be checked at the door - and it turned out that a large number of them were fake.
      • A welcome hiatus in proceedings gives me a chance to check my emails.

    • 2.2(verify)

      (facts/information) comprobar
      (facts/information) verificar
      (facts/information) chequear
      (facts/information) checar Mexico
      (accounts/bill) revisar
      (accounts/bill) comprobar
      to check sth against sth cotejar / chequear algo con algo

      • he checked the copy against the original
      • check that it's closed
      • did you check when they're arriving?
      • check whether the mail's arrived
      let me check my diary/list déjame chequearlo en mi agenda/lista
      • check the meaning/spelling in the dictionary verifica / comprueba el significado/la ortografía en el diccionario
      • His raids followed the pattern of ringing the door bell to check no-one was home, then going around to the back of the property and forcing a window.
      • He checked a clock next to the bed. 3: 23.
      • She checked the hallway and determined it was empty.
      • Then I checked my own booking confirmation for New York.
      • Availability of places at the new nursery can be checked by calling Jo Short.
      • The first step is to check the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage.
      • She went down the row of doors methodically checking each one.
      • Team captains should check their Campus Rec web pages for the dates, times and locations of their captain's meeting.
      • The following information I am providing can be confirmed and checked by simple credit/background checks.
      • So many pet lovers complain when motorists knock over their pets and don't have the common decency to stop and check if the animal is all right.
      • For information about broadcast times and availability, check the Market Journal program schedule.
      • Never reveal details over the telephone without checking or establishing the caller's identity, and never disclose online passwords or card PINs.
      • She opened the door to check no-one was about to walk in on them.
      • That was when I discovered he'd really come back to check that Harry had come home and was safe.
      • The board can also require the offender to be subject to electronic monitoring to check compliance with these conditions.
      • Second, income tax records must be checked to verify that these vendors have been submitting returns and paying taxes.
      • The journey was made more difficult by the fact that he kept glancing back in the rear view mirror to check that Emma was still following.
      • It is more important than ever these days to check the terms and conditions on new cards before signing on the dotted line.
      • Before placing the electrodes on a patient, a nurse should check that the expiration date on the package has not passed.
      • Louise looked around hurriedly, checking to make sure that Nurse Sommers was, indeed, gone.

  • 3

    dar jaque (al rey)
    • Remember: when you check a King with your Rook, you always like to have as much distance between your Rook and the enemy King as possible.
    • The best way is to check your opponent's King with the obstructing piece, which forces a response.
    • If you intend to check the enemy King, try to put as much distance between your Rook and his King as possible.
    • The White Knight is checking the Black King, attacking the Black Queen, and also attacking both Black Rooks.
  • 4US

    • 4.1(deposit)

      (in cloakroom) dejar en el guardarropa
      (in baggage office) dejar en consigna
      (in baggage office) depositar en consigna formal

    • 4.2Aviation

      (baggage) facturar
      (baggage) chequear Latin America

  • 5US

    hacer un tic en
    hacer una palomita en Mexico informal
    poner un visto en Spain

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (verify, make sure)
    checar Mexico
    just checking! solo me quería asegurar
  • 2US

    to check with sth coincidir / concordar con algo
  • 3

    (person/horse) pararse de repente
    (person/horse) pararse en seco


  • 1

    (stop, restraint)
    control masculine
    freno masculine
    to put a check on sth frenar algo
    • to put a check to sth impedir algo
    • I fully agree with you, though, that the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels need to be subject to democratic checks and controls sooner rather than later!
    • The reason there are prosecutions proceeding is that the statutory checks and controls on that situation cannot be exercised.
    • The problem is the lack of checks and controls on this system.
    • The group degenerated into a bunch of randomly run fiefdoms, with octogenarians on the boards and no modern management systems, checks, or controls.
    • In his attempt to place checks and restraints on the power of the senators, he had the near total support of the public Assembly.
    • Instead, workers make decisions working with minimal checks and controls.
    • The company said it was calling in outside investigators to examine its internal system of checks and controls.
    • The politicians, taking a page from the DC Republicans' playbook, want to take full control of the state with no checks, no balances.
    • Unlike the modern police state, to which it is often compared, Venice feared power and surrounded it with checks and deterrents.
    • He also raised the issue of greater restrictions and checks being placed on people who are granted visas to work in this country.
    • Nowhere were the demands imposed by social superiors subject to any significant restrictions or checks.
    • What checks are there to the representatives of the people's will indulging in the worst appetites of the people's will, even if for the best reasons?
    • What was lost during the era was his expectation that ecologists within government would act as a check on the worst excesses of administrators.
    • With the media supporting him and gleefully reporting on leaked information about the investigation, there was no effective check on his abuse of power.
    • One of the press's most important functions is to serve as a check on government.
    • Both writers describe natural, divine and civil checks upon the power of the sovereign who must respect the natural dominion of his subjects.
    • The check to expansion is sharp and is intensified by the excesses inevitably associated with periods of over-rapid expansion.
    • The first serious check to the spread of Arabic took place in the ninth century.
    • He shows that a slab of the oceanic lithosphere beneath the west coast of America is sinking, almost without check, through the Earth's upper mantle and down into the lower mantle.
    • In the institution of the central bank, the government has the ultimate tool to permit its profligacy to continue without check and without regard to the future.
    • The key phrase in the argument is if there were no impediments or checks to population growth.
    • A check to the growth of the population would do great harm.
  • 2

    • 2.1(inspection)

      (of passport, documents) control masculine
      (of passport, documents) revisión feminine
      (of work) examen masculine
      (of work) revisión feminine
      (of machine, product) inspección feminine
      • Tests and quality checks must be carried out before the satellite can be used, but the launch will be on schedule, he said.
      • The mark is only awarded to organisations that pass regular quality checks.
      • We would recommend that all elderly drivers have regular health checks.
      • Since the tragedy, the world's only fleet of supersonic jets has undergone safety modifications, rigorous checks and numerous test flights.
      • As part of your antenatal care, you'll be offered a range of checks, tests and assessments to monitor you and your developing baby.
      • The Council said today the couple had passed checks and examinations to national standards to become foster carers.
      • The council has a legal duty to do safety checks to gas appliances in its rented homes at least every 12 months.
      • We must provide more doctors, nurses and hospital beds, more NHS dentists, free personal care for the elderly and free prescriptions, eye tests and dental checks for all.
      • She was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary where doctors ran a series of tests, including checks for CJD, before they were able to diagnose her.
      • Take-off was delayed for around 90 minutes while engineers carried out safety checks and tested the brakes.
      • There are on average 16 separate checks and tests carried out on every boiler service.
      • The agency said it was unclear how the fish died though the tests would include checks for pollutants.
      • Currently no formal driving test or health check is needed before a person can get behind the wheel of a motorised scooter.
      • We have always set noise levels to those decided by Environmental Health and we do regular noise checks to make sure that we stick to those.
      • Let's face it, most landscapers are not going to do a thorough criminal background check on their help.
      • A routine background check revealed that his student visa had expired.
      • Now checks at airports around the world are routine, costly and time-consuming.
      • A check had revealed that the council owned 14,000 commercial properties, including many shops.
      • Further checks revealed that all their cylinders were contaminated, so the dive was aborted.
      • I gave myself a last check in the mirror and was satisfied with my appearance.

    • 2.2(of facts, information)

      verificación feminine
      I'll have a check to see if there is enough verificaré / veré si hay suficiente

  • 3

    (in chess)
    jaque masculine
    to be in check estar en jaque
    • to put sb in check darle jaque a algn
    • A move that is neither a capture, a check nor a direct attack.
    • The idea of blocking checks by using the pawn as cover is a big one, and Black must do his best to avoid this pitfall.
    • The idea is to use the Rook to shelter its King from upcoming checks.
    • In this case, when the stronger side defends his king from checks with a queen interference, a counter-check is less probable.
    • Can I now just force checkmate with a sequence of checks?
  • 4British cheque

    cheque masculine
    talón masculine Spain
    to pay by check pagar con cheque
    • a check for $50 un cheque de 50 dólares / por valor de 50 dólares
    • open/crossed cheque cheque al portador/cheque cruzado
    • blank check cheque en blanco
    • (to give sb) a blank check (darle a algn) carta blanca
    • they gave me a blank check to do whatever I pleased me dieron carta blanca para hacer lo que quisiera
  • 5US

    (restaurant bill)
    cuenta feminine
    adición feminine River Plate
    • Geoff looked at the check, threw some bills on the table, and taking her hand led her from the restaurant.
    • We got our bill, paid the check, and made our way enthusiastically to Billy's Bakery.
    • This software can analyze a restaurant's checks and produce reports on what wines are ordered with what entrées.
    • When you return to your table, you pay your check and leave the restaurant without telling the manager about your sickness.
    • And soon one cup of coffee morphed into two and three before we finally stood up to pay the check and leave the restaurant.
    • Justin called for the check and signed the bill before he tied the blindfold around Alex's head.
    • Ben took the check up to the counter, since the waiter had never returned, while the two women went into the parking lot.
    • Can we have the check please?
    • I got the check and resisted the urge to eat dessert.
    • Any meal at a Roman restaurant that takes less than two hours is an exercise in rapidity; even the simple act of getting the check can seem agonizingly prolonged for first-time American visitors.
  • 6

    (receipt, counterfoil)
    ticket masculine
    resguardo masculine Spain
    tiquete masculine Colombia
  • 7US

    marca feminine
    tic masculine
    visto masculine Spain
    palomita feminine Mexico informal
    • As she worked her way down the list, Jordan put checks by all the items that the company is already doing.
    • Those are all checks in the plus column, but frankly, his material was lacking.


  • 1

    (in chess)
  • 2US informal

    (expressing affirmation, confirmation)
    ¡sí, señor!

There are 2 main translations of check in Spanish

: check1check2


tela a cuadros, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɛk/


  • 1

    tela a cuadros feminine
    tela de cuadros feminine
    • Use chintz, damask and toiles along with classic stripes, checks and textured plain fabrics.
    • Perhaps she likes 80s inspired punk fabrics, or checks or gingham or something else all together.
    • The shirt range consists of solids in twills, poplins, structures, linens and checks.
    • While last fall emphasized on simplicity, leather and denim, this fall is about checks, tweed and denim (again).
    • My mother wore his houndstooth check to amble through the launderettes with Marietta.
    • It takes some acting craft for him to pull off the feat of wearing the outlandish sweater vests, garish checks and plaids without ever seeming as if he was wearing a costume.
    • Terminology has always been a challenge - one designer may describe a fabric as a gingham, the next a check.
    • Radiant with warm colours, cashmere and floral designs are combined with traditional English fabrics such as tweeds and checks.
    • Everywhere she looked there were checks and chintz, ruffles and fringes.
    • Her coats featured jewel encrusted collars and belts, also made in tweed and checks.
    • The comforter is bound on three side and reverses to a gingham check for a change when you want something different.
    • What happens when you throw checks and plaid into the mix?
    • And yet they made those wonderful clothes for other people - tweeds, cords, mohairs, checks, tartans.
    • Plaids and checks are generally harder to mix and match with one another, and tend to be associated with more conservative and classier looks.
    • The tailoring is classic and structured and the subtle pinstripes and tonal coloured checks feature soft detailing.
    • Blended checks, speckled materials and colourful herringbones amid reversible two colour fabrics all make impact.
    • I was, I recall, wearing a brand-new linen suit in a rather dashing hound's-tooth check.
  • 2

    cuadro masculine
    • This year, ancient Italian men are wearing generously cut worsted suits, either with waistcoat or cardigan, in natural earth colours with muted checks.
    • They vary from simple patterns, such as alternating checks, triangles, or diamonds, to complex combined motifs.
    • Bigger checks give an illusion of volume and suit thinner men while guys with heavier build look great in stripes, smaller checks etc.
    • He was wearing a dark shirt with white checks and dark trousers.
    • Patterns ranged from small ginghams to windowpane checks to colorful mid-sized madras plaids.
    • He was wearing a dark shirt with blue checks, dark trousers and black shoes.
    • Gingham is a lightweight, washable, stout fabric that is woven in checks, plaids or stripes.
    • As the days go by, a preference for small checks and hound's-tooth jackets emerges.
    • Wear it over a crewneck sweater or button-down shirt, which would look especially great if it featured a beige pattern like stripes, checks or windowpane.
    • For boys, you really can't go wrong with a pair of dark jeans, a sporty T-shirt or a retro lumberjack shirt in jazzy checks and a fleece.
    • It's easier to select a necktie to go with a plain blue shirt than one with checks or stripes.
    • The loud checks of his ample suit made the bookies appear attired for a funeral.
    • For winter, the best bet is a cozy scarf with the classic check, which comes in a number of colors.
    • If you're looking for trendy patterns, go for paisley, floral, plaid, checks, and herringbone.
    • Intense colours, pinstripes and trendy glen checks are all found on soft micro fibre fabrics.
    • Blazers in other colours look better as do sports jackets with small checks.
    • Katy knew that shirt, soft cotton with red and blue checks.
    • Sitting along the back headrest of an eggshell-colored imperial convertible was Althea in a silk dress with red and blue checks and a white orchid at her shoulder.
    • The shop also stocks the stylish Daks sports jacket in spring's light yellow with blue checks to complement the blue trousers.
    • Unusual prints and patterns in suits and sweater sets, for career or leisure, were brought alive by a colorful mix of stripes, checks and plaids.


  • 1

    (jacket/shirt) (before noun) a cuadros
    (jacket/shirt) (before noun) de cuadros
    • But there's something youthful about him and it isn't just his Beatle cut and jazzy check shirt.
    • A short grey check umbrella was lost from a bike basket on Friday, December 13.
    • Mostly shot in vacant cafés with check tablecloths and the absence of daylight, this is a decidedly mixed bunch.
    • What could a fabulous glamourpuss such as yourself possibly want with one of my old check shirts from five years ago?
    • With a green carpet, pink and green swirly wallpaper and pink and green check curtains, everything clashed.
    • I bought a rather nasty check suit in New York 15 years ago that I never wore.
    • Twenty something pretty city traders in questionable chalk striped suit and check shirt combos.
    • All he needed was a pair of check pants and a straw hat and he'd look like the consummate car salesman.
    • The bistro is all red and white check tablecloths, jumbo pepper grinders and piped Pavarotti.
    • The windows are big, letting in plenty of light, and draped with simple check curtains.
    • He was wearing a green check shirt, black trousers and black shoes.
    • The gunman was white, and wore a bobble-type hat, with a check padded shirt, patched jeans, a jacket and canvas rucksack.
    • When last seen, he was wearing a navy blazer, a light-blue check shirt, navy trousers, and black shoes.
    • He is described as white, slim, aged 20 to 25, wearing a red check shirt, blue jeans and white trainers.