Translation of checkpoint in Spanish:


control, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛkˌpɔɪnt/ /ˈtʃɛkpɔɪnt/


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    control masculine
    • The documents were taken from them when they tried to travel abroad at border checkpoints.
    • He led both of us to a table at a security checkpoint just inside the entrance.
    • He said that one of the main measures against the criminal groups, whose sources of income included smuggling, was to place security cameras at border checkpoints.
    • The new system introduced at the border checkpoints involves more close screening of those arriving and departing.
    • He was almost exhausted by the run from the entrance to the security checkpoint.
    • Fearful of another attack, people attempted to flee the bridge in both directions, but were hemmed in by the crowd and security checkpoints at the bridge entrance designed to restrict entry to just one or two individuals.
    • Wednesday's statement said the two sides had decided to get rid of almost all barriers and checkpoints during the December 13-25 period.
    • With the right software, photographs of missing children could be sent to all border checkpoints and directorates of the Interior Ministry within seconds, he said.
    • Meanwhile, the Immigration Department will deploy 360 additional staff at border checkpoints to ensure smooth passenger flow.
    • The two prime minters also expressed their readiness to open new border checkpoints and to improve the efficiency of those already in use for passengers and cargo.
    • Gardai will man checkpoints at the different entrances.
    • To strengthen border security and to combat smuggling, Pakistan is setting up more checkpoints along the border.
    • Eradication of corruption at border checkpoints and improved collection of custom and excise duties were the topics on the agenda.
    • His first point was to show me that there were no checkpoints or other barriers.
    • Placing barrier checkpoints and guards at the foot of the mountain is also part of the plan.
    • Before entering Jerusalem, we were stopped by border police at a checkpoint.
    • When he entered he was stopped by a security guard at the entrances checkpoint.
    • Security checkpoints have been set up at every entrance, anyone entering the site will have to walk through a metal detector and there will be also be closed circuit television covering the area.
    • Two young female staff aides carried it right through a security checkpoint.
    • I took the back road passing through an abandoned checkpoint on the border.