Translation of checkup in Spanish:


chequeo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛkˌəp/ /ˈtʃɛkʌp/


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    chequeo masculine
    revisión feminine
    reconocimiento (médico) masculine formal
    revisación feminine River Plate
    to have a checkup hacerse un chequeo (médico)
    • Most people find out they have high cholesterol when they have their blood cholesterol measured as part of a medical check-up.
    • Your doctor may want to give your child a general medical check-up and get some blood tests.
    • We also provide funding for scholarships and cover medical and dental check-ups and necessary operations.
    • If you are diagnosed as having an active infection, you will be advised to have regular blood tests and physical check-ups.
    • Last year a national campaign for preventative medical check-ups was held in Bulgaria.
    • Dentists can also inspect for oral cancers during routine dental check-ups.
    • She receives medication, has regular check-ups and attends weekly physiotherapy sessions.
    • The American Dental Association recommends that you have regular dental check-ups.
    • It is a good idea to take your child when you go for your own routine dental check-ups, even when they are too young to have teeth.
    • They undergo daily medical check-ups, facials and massages and do some mild exercise, such as stretching and walking around the lake.
    • Free and regular medical check-ups should be conducted in backward areas which are highly prone to these epidemics.
    • The programme includes medical check-ups and yearly bonuses as rewards.
    • For example, there might be more benefit for mothers who take their kids for regular medical check-ups.
    • The results of their follow-up medical check-ups in January and March are satisfactory.
    • The parents will then be subject to check-ups by a specialised medical commission.
    • He is still due to travel to the US for a medical check-up, later this year.
    • Make sure your clients get a medical check-up before starting any exercise program.
    • All who intend taking part should first seek a medical check-up with their GP.
    • Minutes later the victim was driven at speed to a police station to be debriefed and have a medical check-up.
    • Only two weeks ago he had a medical check-up which gave him a clean bill of health.
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    chequeo masculine
    revisión feminine
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    Motor Vehicles
    revisión feminine
    servicio masculine Latin America
    service masculine River Plate