Translation of cheep in Spanish:


piar, v.

Pronunciation /tʃip/ /tʃiːp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • I let out a few screams when one flapped their wings and chittered and cheeped at me.
    • The mother bird and a few others were on the roof of the house next door, cheeping with distress.
    • The chicks had been downy and charming, and cheeped sweetly with their permanently open mouths.
    • The swallow settled down next to him, cheeping softly at him as if she trusted this human and knew him.
    • Finally replete and satiated, the bronze bird cheeped happily, mouth opening to reveal four flat, stubby teeth.


  • 1

    piada feminine
    piído masculine
    • As you follow it along the street you begin to hear the cheeps and trills of other birds launching into a discordant chorus.
    • House sparrows sing by stringing together a variety of cheeps, chirps and ‘chissiks’, and flocks can make a loud noise during courtship rituals.
    • The little birds in the tree kept up a constant cheep of complaint, but it didn't break cover.
    • If you think nature sounds CDs are merely soft, relaxing waterfalls and bird cheeps to calm you down after a long hard day, listen again.