Translation of cheerful in Spanish:


alegre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪrfəl/ /ˈtʃɪəfʊl/ /ˈtʃɪəf(ə)l/

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    (person/expression/smile) alegre
    (person/expression/smile) jovial
    (color/clothes/decor) alegre
    (news/prospect) alentador
    • Linda was a bubbly, happy, cheerful girl who came from a big loving family.
    • A shy and gentle person, always cheerful and happy, she will be sadly missed by all who knew her.
    • He always remained the same happy cheerful bloke despite his success.
    • It was hard to get him to focus, but he was such a cheerful and happy kid that none of the counselors could get mad at him when he didn't.
    • He had always been happy, always cheerful, and it hurt her to see him in this kind of state.
    • His voice was cheerful and he knelt down so that he was kind of near her eye level.
    • Matthew's cheerful voice broke through her melancholy mood and she stood up to find him running down the track.
    • They heard his cheerful voice coming from within as he hailed the proprietor of the establishment.
    • However he had a happy disposition and bore his disability with a cheerful smile.
    • He is bright-eyed, cheerful and almost always shares a smile with those around him.
    • It was swept instantly aside by the receptionist, who was bright, cheerful and completely helpful.
    • The young woman who served me in the Co-op was cheerful and smiling, too, as were the people in other shops.
    • She asked all of these things in one breath, and had added a cheerful ditzy laugh at the end.
    • He is someone who starts off bright, cheerful and confident and then has everything taken away from him.
    • She mainly supplied drinks, chit chat, and that disturbingly cheerful smile of hers.
    • You seem a very cheerful, positive person, but does it still upset you when you think back?
    • If my body is contented and my soul is confident, then I will be cheerful, and being cheerful is the key to being happy.
    • His prose is fluid and witty, a cheerful tale that has the reader laughing out loud from beginning to end.
    • They made a cheerful racket, chattering away and laughing all the while.
    • Hundreds of other children in the camp look cheerful and play in the sand, but their smiles are deceiving.
    • Lurking just below the surface, they are traps for the unwary and their cheerful colour is a magnet for children.
    • He wants to buy a big old house with cheerful colours and a large garden for the children.
    • This cheerful, amusing picture appeared before my eyes this morning and made me smile.
    • The problem with this cheerful notion is that circumstances militate against nature in the big city.
    • Tulips are irrepressibly cheerful flowers, and beloved symbols of spring and renewal.
    • But can anyone recommend a nice, cheerful, colourful movie for us to watch next?
    • The sight was a most charming and cheerful thing, and would lift the spirits of even the most leaden cynic.
    • The trousers were still a relatively bright and garish red, the button a chipped but cheerful yellow.
    • However, the efforts made by all the town folk to present a bright and cheerful image in other ways has paid off.
    • The public, on the other hand, may respond more positively to tidy and cheerful graffiti.
    • There's also a bright and cheerful breakfast room, which used to be a pub.
    • I can see no good reason why a bloke's workshop shouldn't be a bright and cheerful place in which to work.
    • You can keep your optimistic outlook and make your work area as cheerful as possible.
    • True, it was the weekend and the pub was full and happy, which is a cheerful and sustaining sight.
    • The lights were bright and cheerful, contrasting the heaviness of his own soul.
    • Plenty of windows and another set of sliding patio doors make this area bright and cheerful.
    • The decor is bright and cheerful with lots of mirrors to give the illusion of space.
    • Something told us that I would need to wear something bright and cheerful to get on with my day.
    • The color of the house was cheerful yellow, bright enough to make fall still seem like summer.
    • My local radio Station played cheerful music all day to brighten up Bristol.