Translation of cheerleader in Spanish:


porrista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪrˌlidər/ /ˈtʃɪəliːdə/


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    porrista masculine, feminine Colombia, Mexico
    animador masculine
    animadora feminine
    • To use an sporting metaphor, are cheerleaders members of the team?
    • He also wants female cheerleaders and drill team members to be counted as athletes under Title IX, a policy the federal government has yet to adopt.
    • I shouldn't project my opinions of one cheerleading team on all cheerleaders.
    • They strut for the cheerleaders, perform one-arm push-ups for the crowd, and preen for the cameras.
    • The teams walked off the field as the cheerleaders walked on to perform their entertaining flips and cartwheels.
    • The teams trudged off the field and into the locker rooms as the cheerleaders from both teams went to the middle on the field for their half-time show.
    • At our school, instead of having cheerleaders support the boys' football and soccer teams, the drill team did.
    • Anybody aged between five to 20 can become involved in the programme, which will see cheerleaders performing during all home games.
    • In her younger days, Jan was a cheerleader for local speedway teams.
    • The football game had turned out to be a massive pep rally complete with cheerleaders, the band performing and raging football fans.
    • Cute, perky, athletic and always daddy's little girl, the cheerleader is the darling symbol of American youth and feminine desirability.
    • All cheerleaders and band members please report to the gym at this time.
    • There was a guy sitting next to him with a camera in hand, taking pictures of not only the lacrosse team, but the cheerleaders as well.
    • Of course, some American sports still have cheerleaders, but at least these girls actually do something.
    • Some of the fans, players, coaches, cheerleaders and band members who made their way to the local stadiums did so at considerable personal risk.
    • Most of the committee members were former cheerleaders who hadn't made varsity and were too old for JV, but still wanted to cheer.
    • Attempting to be innovative, the organisers have roped in cheerleaders this year, complete with pom-poms.
    • Callie couldn't remember a time in her four years on the squad when the cheerleaders performed better.
    • Four injuries occurred while the cheerleader was performing an advanced floor routine gymnastics stunt.
    • It was a mixture of cheerleaders, band members, and the football players.