Translation of cheese off in Spanish:

cheese off

phrasal verb

  • 1

    to be cheesed off estar harto
    • I'm really cheesed off with them me tienen hasta la coronilla
    • More people are going down this route because they are cheesed off that they have to pay crazy prices for a bigger property.
    • There is a lot of support in the town and they are cheesed off with the arrogance of the Liberal Democrats.
    • It's the existence of the rich that cheeses them off.
    • As far as I am concerned, I am cheesed off with the result, but I am not just here for this game and five or six others.
    • To say they are cheesed off with the share market, the government, the company and all the other players puts it mildly.
    • What cheeses me off, of course, is that these offers are available only to those who can be provided with a service at minimum cost and thus maximum profit to the service provider.
    • See, as a tax payer, I am bailing out these stupid companies… and that cheeses me off.
    • This isn't fatal, but grants him the ability to turn into a big, dumb green guy whenever someone cheeses him off.
    • And is it your impression that irrigators are open to that reality, or does it cheese them off?
    • No one wanted to go on the record with these sentiments and cheese them off just yet, but one said: ‘They're targeting a market that doesn't necessarily want it.’
    • It really used to cheese me off at first, because I don't think music is about colour, I think music is about passion.
    • She will be cheesed off if I have to tell her that I didn't get my homework on relative minors done.
    • I had to call in sick for about four days, which really cheesed me off.
    • What cheeses me off is all the ‘journalists’ who uncritically covered the IPO and gave the investment banks and money managers a platform from which to attempt to manipulate the market like that.