Translation of cheeseburger in Spanish:


hamburguesa con queso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃizˌbərɡər/ /ˈtʃiːzbəːɡə/


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    hamburguesa con queso feminine
    • I also need filet mignon, cheeseburgers, every type of ice cream and sorbet, plus fresh fruit and snacks.
    • The most requested last meal is a cheeseburger and French fries.
    • But the kids' menu rarely ventures beyond cheeseburgers, pizza, fried chicken fingers, and French fries.
    • Choose a baked chicken sandwich and salad instead of a cheeseburger and fries, for example.
    • But the chain still sells eight times as many double cheeseburgers as salads.
    • Pizza, cheeseburgers, and onion rings also contain good amounts of grease.
    • While his companions sat patiently, he couldn't decide between the cheeseburger and pasta, and eventually asked for both.
    • I can't imagine life without a juicy roast beef dinner on a Sunday, or the occasional cheeseburger.
    • I mean, he loved cheeseburgers and he loved peanut butter sandwiches.
    • One of my biggest cravings was bacon cheeseburgers.
    • I would have just had a regular burger, but they were having a special on bacon avocado cheeseburgers, and how could I say no?
    • That means no more cheeseburgers, or cheese-egg omelets.
    • It smelled fresh of varnish, which was buried under a scent of cheeseburgers, French fries and onion rings.
    • She entered her house with the double cheeseburger and French fries.
    • Order a cheeseburger without ketchup and they'll look at you funny.
    • Instead, do your part by cutting back on cheeseburgers, pork chops, and chicken nuggets.
    • My cheeseburger was 100 per cent beef and cooked to perfection: medium-rare.
    • I ordered a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with French fries, and Marc ordered a cheeseburger with fries.
    • She picked up a plate and studied the dishes in front of her wishing for a platter of cheeseburgers to appear at the end of the table.
    • These days, soup is as easy to get as a double cheeseburger.