Translation of chemical engineering in Spanish:

chemical engineering

ingeniería química, n.


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    ingeniería química feminine
    • The understanding and development of these operations gave rise to the branch of engineering called chemical engineering.
    • She earned degrees in physical chemistry and chemical engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
    • I don't know whether to go for chemical engineering or electrical engineering.
    • He hopes to have a career in chemical or chemical engineering research.
    • You don't talk about civil engineering or chemical engineering - you talk about environmental engineering.
    • An extensive background in chemical engineering, missile design, or bacteriology is a good start.
    • He also plans to study chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.
    • I read many books and obtained significant knowledge in chemical engineering, physics, and mathematics.
    • Environmental, petroleum and chemical engineering are among Kuwait's priorities.
    • Despite working for a degree in chemical engineering, Wigner studied mathematics and physics in his own time.
    • Civil and chemical engineering salaries remained relatively stable, but electronic engineers were hit badly by the downturn in the technology sector.
    • She has completed similar surveys of chemical engineering and physics departments, and reports that the results are almost as bad.
    • He also serves as professor of chemical engineering and professor of medicine.
    • The assistant professor of chemical engineering is getting recognition for her research into biodegradable polymer materials that could aid nerve regeneration.
    • Titanium linings for mild steel vessels, a major advance in chemical engineering, call for special study by the welding technologist.
    • Biological processes are the next big thing in chemical engineering.
    • From his isolated vantage point in chemical engineering, he seems to have been spared discussions on his campus that the new general education curriculum initially provoked.
    • Around this time his father began to suggest that Nick should study ‘something with substance’ and follow his lead into chemical engineering.
    • His father, however, disliked Alfred's interest in poetry and in order to broaden his horizons, sent him abroad for further training in chemical engineering.
    • Dave followed in his father's footsteps and earned a degree in chemical engineering from the University of California - San Diego.