Traducción de chemise en Español:


camiseta, n.

Pronunciación /ʃəˈmiz/ /ʃəˈmis/ /ʃəˈmiːz/

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  • 1

    camiseta femenino
    • In medieval times, Cyprus was known for its silk bridal chemises and undergarments.
    • It also has a new chapter on the history of drawers and knickers and one covering the chemise and petticoats.
    • She put on her chemise and her under panties then clipped on her stockings.
    • Ivy wandered aimlessly in her chemise and petticoats, too distraught to return to her quarters and dress.
    • They were in various states of undress, flitting around in chemises and stockings.
    • An undershirt or chemise, with or without sleeves, open at the front and worn under the frock coat, was worn buttoned to the waist.
    • As far as lingerie goes - a beautiful chemise would be the least intimidating gift, I think.
    • The bloomers and a chemise would have gone under layers and layers of corsetry and petticoats, which could weigh up to 7lb.
    • Underneath the translucent material was a white chemise and tights of a gleaming pastel gold.
    • Her throat was bare and a slight ruffle of white fabric edged the neckline where the edge of her chemise peeked out.
    • The lady's undergarment, a fine white chemise, is gathered in soft folds with a black bow.
    • She wore a full-skirted blue silk dress with balloon sleeves over a spring green loose fitting chemise.
    • There Angel stood, in her robe and chemise as her father approached.
    • I slipped out of my dress and pulled the chemise over my head.
    • Carey instantly awakes and sits up straight, pulling the sheets up to cover her chemise.
    • Eleanor hurried up the stairs to her room and quickly stripped herself of the heavy dress, chemise and corset.
    • She also loves wearing a chemise out in public, especially when we go out to dinner.
    • Ignoring the irony of my thought, I stripped down to my chemise and sat in bed for hours, trying to think of what was to become of all this.
    • Her chemise was much lower cut than her usual as she reached for a blood red dress with the dangerously scooped neckline.
    • Kristine stood in the door way in a mesh black chemise.
  • 2

    vestido camisero masculino
    chemisier masculino
    • She was dressed in a simple chemise of cotton and flannel.
    • Kendra had on a silk chemise, a shawl and one of her best hats.
    • Skirts twisted around legs as ladies spun, men's doublet sleeves traded with the sleeves of shifts and chemises as couples turned around quickly to the music.