Translation of cheque in Spanish:


Pronunciation /tʃɛk/


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    cheque (guarantee) card tarjeta bancaria
    • A bank that presents a cheque for payment on its customer's behalf acts as an agent.
    • Recently, my neighbour wrote me a cheque for her half of the cost of replacing our mutual boundary fence.
    • Credit card cheques look almost exactly the same as ordinary bank account cheques.
    • I like knowing I'm getting a discount and it beats writing cheques or joining the queues at the bank any day.
    • As his business is largely cash-based, he doesn't write a lot of cheques or have many debits and credits.
    • The second letter also said he had issued a cheque for payment which had been stopped by the bank.
    • Cash, cheques and postal orders, and debit card payments will be accepted.
    • Bear in mind that cheques and debit card payments will usually only require one signature.
    • All too often, dividend cheques are just deposited into our bank accounts and spent.
    • The days when cash, a cheque or a promissory note were the only methods of payment have passed.
    • Payment by the bidders will have to be in cash or bank guaranteed cheques.
    • Post offices accept either cash or bank guaranteed cheques according to the corporation.
    • I find it a nuisance having to write out a cheque as it is, let alone having to do it 11 times a month.
    • We are also keen to emphasise that there should be no cash donations, only cheques, bank drafts or credit card payments.
    • My mother has never paid a bill, written a cheque or drawn money from the bank in her life.
    • She also knew that she did not have the bank's authority to issue cheques when her account was overdrawn.
    • When a cheque is paid into a bank account, it will be shown as a credit, and money up to its value can be drawn out once the funds are cleared.
    • If you write a cheque, it's even easier, because then the bank has a record of who cashed it.
    • Many people have been handing over money and writing cheques to local branches of charities across the region.
    • The firm then sent their client a cheque for her award, less a deduction for their fees.