Translation of cherry picker in Spanish:

cherry picker

grúa con cesta, n.


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    grúa con cesta feminine
    grúa con plataforma feminine
    • The large crane, on Sheer Jetty, went over at just after 10 am today while attempting to lift a cherry picker crane from the carrier's flight deck, which is covered with scaffolding and canvas as the deck is being repainted.
    • Prison Service negotiators were hoisted up in a cherry picker platform to talk to the prisoner who came down voluntarily at about 6.30 pm.
    • I took a ride on the cherry picker, a crane that lifted me high enough to see most of the county and, frighteningly, Lindy's blouse in the crowd below me.
    • Once staff were sure she was unconscious a cherry picker crane took her to the ground and she was carried to her cage, where she died within about five minutes.
    • Armoured patrol vehicles, nearly a full story high and equipped with cherry picker cranes and anti-personnel cannons, lumber in from a busy night of keeping the sector free of unwanted traffic.
    • They were removing steelwork from an old part of the ground when one of the wheels of the 15-tonne elevated working platform - commonly known as a cherry picker - went through a concrete manhole cover.
    • A police rescue unit was on hand; three tow trucks removed blockading vehicles; a cherry picker was called in to help remove a tripod sitter from his eyrie.
    • A cleaning firm has been fined £20,000 following an accident in which a worker died when he got trapped between a cherry picker's cage and a roof girder.
    • Now the students are hoisted up with a cherry picker.
    • Then they claimed it was because I had deliberately damaged a piece of machinery called a cherry picker.
    • The script demanded a moonlit scene, so a cherry picker was hired to suspend a huge 12-kilowatt light above the rooftops.
    • These days he runs his tractors, generators, truck, wood-chipper, cherry picker, and landcruiser on biodiesel.
    • Red stepped down from the cherry picker and stood beside me at the controls.
    • I only ask because we want to put a cherry picker there.
    • The cherry picker went up again, and the lineman looped ropes beneath the nest, a bagel-shaped cup four feet across, woven from cottonwood branches and padded with wheatgrass.
    • Just a few moment ago, a man who scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace in a Batman costume was brought down in a cherry picker.
    • The bucket of the cherry picker came down, and Sonny and Sissy went back up.
    • With all my respect for the cherry picker, I have to remind you that they have a limited reach, but then again, cherries can also be picked from the ground, but those cherries are not as beautiful as the ones from the tree though.
    • Two of the eight vehicles have cherry picker baskets capable of extending up to 68 meters.
    • Yet this has taken at least six different people, around five days, one cherry picker with a 40 ft extending arm, numerous vans, vehicles and a JCB and part closure of the road.