Translation of chessboard in Spanish:


tablero de ajedrez, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛsbɔrd/ /ˈtʃɛsbɔːd/


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    tablero de ajedrez masculine
    • The playground is now a more pleasant and interesting place for the children with grid games, such as hopscotch, jigsaws, target games and three chessboards with draught pieces.
    • The stereotypical embodiment of such games is the classic chessboard, in all its variations.
    • Also, it's the number of squares on the chessboard.
    • His king offered him a reward, but instead of gold he asked for one grain of rice doubled for each successive square on a chessboard.
    • Orders for games included 48 chessboards and chessmen, 12 sets of fox and geese, 6 sets of jackstraws, 9 boxes of ninepins, and 3 sets of German tactics.
    • ‘Board vision’ is the specialized ability to recognize what is happening on the chessboard.
    • Just get away from the chessboard and any thoughts bringing you back to it, at least until your renewal is complete and you simply must play chess.
    • Of all the pieces on a chessboard, the Knight is the most feared among beginners.
    • Great players have their own way of injecting life into any situation on the chessboard.
    • He's no doubt sitting in a room somewhere, still with his pocket chessboard, going through chess games.
    • Place the Queen on a chessboard and pass her over the entire sixty-four squares and back again to the point of beginning in fourteen moves.
    • Inside it was a large chessboard with multiple chess figures shaped like humans.
    • Remember that even though your fantasy players seem like pawns on a chessboard, the game is played on the field.
    • He sat in the dark living room, doing nothing but staring at the chessboard on the coffee table.
    • One can teach the strategy of chess while the other facilitates creating the chessboard and pieces.
    • The pieces on the chessboard get removed, not the chess players.
    • The rows are set so that anyone traversing them will have a much smoother run moving in straight lines, like a castle on a chessboard.
    • Ally's favorite photograph of the night was one of a chessboard that was perfectly set up, save for two pawns that had fallen over.
    • What more can one do than point to a chessboard and explain the rules of the game, perhaps paying particular attention to the black king as one does so?
    • The chessboard was still sitting there from last night, the game left unfinished.