Translation of chestnut in Spanish:


castaña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛs(t)ˌnət/ /ˈtʃɛsnʌt/

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    • 1.1(nut)

      castaña feminine
      • Some authors have suggested that their flavour and texture are comparable with those of the chestnut or cashew nut.
      • Almost equally invigorating is a poached chicken, sliced into strips atop a mound of basmati rice but bathed in a potion of tarragon and chestnuts.
      • And I can't really tell you how it was made, as I spent the entire recipe-making time chopping walnuts and chestnuts, sneaking teeny bits in every now and then.
      • A roast chestnut crusted salmon circle was perfectly cooked, tasty and fresh.
      • Nowadays, most chestnuts are roasted by machines for convenience, so roasting chestnuts manually has become a dying folk craft.
      • Someone could have been selling hot potatoes, roast chestnuts and hot drinks.
      • We have toffee apples, gingerbread men, roast chestnuts and all manner of pumpkin dishes created by Chef.
      • Dark nights, cold days, scarves and gloves, hot roasted chestnuts (at least, their aroma) and a fresh fall of snow, were all essential ingredients of a perfect Christmas.
      • To know if your chestnuts are ready to roast, give them the squeeze test: If there's a slight give between the outer shell and inside nut, it's ready.
      • Why don't they sell roasted chestnuts anymore, I wonder?
      • The town centre market would consist of around ten stands or huts selling roast chestnuts, for example, Cumbrian punch, traditional sausages and pancakes.
      • Stalls selling hot roast chestnuts, doughnuts and other treats will be set up in the town centre from 11 am, and carol singers will add some extra cheer.
      • After the goat, we eat chestnuts roasted on a boxy iron stove.
      • Does she dream nostalgically of the crowds and crush of Christmas shopping in Coney Street, or roasting her chestnuts on a three-bar electric fire?
      • The couple's winter wedding will feature carol singers and roasted chestnuts, while the bride wants to arrive in a traditional horse and carriage.
      • If chestnuts roasting by an open fire isn't your scene, then an enterprising Yorkshire hotel has the perfect solution.
      • There will be hot roasted chestnuts and other nosh from Christmas past, as well as traditional ornament-making.
      • Roast the chestnuts in a moderate oven for about 15 minutes, until the shells burst, then cool and peel.
      • There will be amusements for children, plus hot food and roasted chestnuts.
      • We boiled the Christmas pudding in the old copper and we split and roasted chestnuts on the fire.

    • 1.2also chestnut tree

      castaño masculine

    • 1.3horse chestnut

      (nut) castaña de Indias feminine
      (tree) castaño de Indias masculine
      • Greece originally introduced the chestnut tree to the rest of the European community.
      • As she got nearer she saw him shaded from the sun by the leaves of the chestnut tree.
      • One damaged chestnut tree and five mature conifers had to be removed.
      • I just noticed the chestnut tree in our front yard was dying and wondered why.
      • With the coming of the spring-time I yearned only to sit under my favorite chestnut tree for a spell.

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    castaño masculine
    • They had the same straight chestnut hair and deep green eyes.
    • She had a sweet smile, and her light olive skin went with deep, chestnut hair.
    • She flung her deep chestnut hair away from her eyes.
    • One had beautiful red hair and looked quite boisterous and the other had chestnut coloured hair and she looked serious and sophisticated.
    • He was about as tall as the other man, with shaggy blonde hair and deep chestnut brown eyes.
    • Aside from that, he had soft and shiny chestnut hair, and warm, loving, yet mysterious deep brown eyes.
    • Their leader had chestnut colored hair with electric blue eyes that seemed both welcoming and forbidding.
    • Sitting to her left was a young girl about the age of nine, with chestnut brown hair, tan skin, and liquid brown eyes.
    • When they removed their hats, they revealed identical chestnut hair, neatly parted in the center.
    • She ran a hand through her chestnut coloured hair.
    • Will had turned around quickly, thinking for sure that he had caught a glimpse of deep chestnut out of the corner of his eye.
    • Her cheeks were pale and veined with dark tear-tracks, her eyes, usually a beautiful deep chestnut, were red and swollen.
    • Some species have white on the throat or rump areas and a few species have brighter chestnut or reddish throats.
    • The beetle was a bulbous, chestnut coloured fellow.
    • ‘Cute, but no,’ he said congenially, his deep chestnut eyes twinkling from under the curve of his cast iron helmet.
    • The deep chestnut flanks and sides combined with the male's solid black head, red eye, and black upperparts are distinctive.
    • Her long, wavy, thick, chestnut hair cascaded fluidly down her back.
    • With her long silky chestnut hair and a familiar twinkle in her eyes, Vivian had developed into quite an attractive young lady.
    • Her long, curly chestnut hair fell across her face as she thought.
    • The one with chestnut hair wore khaki slacks and a black trench coat, while the other, an Asian man, was dressed in all black.
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    caballo castaño masculine
    caballo zaino masculine
    • Sharon rides Andy, a chestnut Quarter Horse who has never before experienced dressage.
    • Berndon was looking at a chestnut mare with a black mane and tail and took out some coins to pay for it.
    • The chestnut colt is the last foal out of Jewell Ridge, who died on August 1.
    • The chestnut colt is the second foal out of Grade 2 winner Prospectress, by Mining.
    • The chestnut filly was bred in Kentucky.
    • The chestnut filly worked in company on Wednesday, pleasing him with her effort.
    • She spun around and saw Jake galloping on a beautiful chestnut stallion towards them.
    • She watched James swing down from the saddle of his chestnut horse, whose coat was literally on fire with the colors of sunset.
    • The chestnut filly's win also gave the young female jockey her first Group 1 stakes triumph.
    • The chestnut colt also won the 2001 Tattersall Stakes as a three-year-old.
    • The chestnut colt earned $1,009,920 for his biggest lifetime victory and instantly became a millionaire.
    • The chestnut colt moved up three wide to take the lead into the first turn and was clear by two lengths as he covered the first quarter in: 23.28.
    • The chestnut colt made his debut nine months later, finishing second by a length to eventual Grade 1 winner D' Wildcat.
    • The chestnut colt finished second in his racing debut on June 24.
    • She quietly saddled a chestnut mare a few stalls down from him and walked him out of the barn.
    • The sassy combination of so-called stripper music and Cabaret show tunes suits the big chestnut mare, who seemed to visibly strut and swagger through her routine.
    • The chestnut mare has won 14 of 16 career starts and earned $3,044,820.
    • The chestnut mare has won 17 of 24 career starts and has earned $4,079,820.
    • The chestnut horse won eight of 16 career starts and earned $1,261,089.
    • The chestnut horse was bred in Kentucky by Vintage Meadow Stable.


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    (horse) castaño
    (horse) zaino
    (hair) castaño