Translation of chesty in Spanish:


con mucho pecho, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛsti/

adjective chestier, chestiest

  • 1

    con mucho pecho
    pechugón informal
    • She writes, ‘I hesitate to interrupt the victory laps, the chesty posing, the passing out of medals.’
    • The genius, here, is that the athletic soar of that chesty attitude indicates not boyish high spirits or exuberant tough-guy mayhem, but a desperate cling to a fading image of the larger-than-life.
    • And why do you get all chesty at the slightest provocation?
    • Well, that and he always has pictures of chesty babes.
    • By March we had started rehearsals, the chesty senior (whose name was Ann) was playing Helena (one of the main heroines), and Rick was playing Oberon king of shadows.
    • It's an audacious bit of dialogue for a cheapo skin flick starring some of the most naturally chesty gals you'll ever see in your life.
    • ‘Jess is a bit more chesty than you, though’ Kath muses.
    • Not that I know much about it, but I do know that there are a lot of chesty airheads on TV these days who couldn't act if someone was holding a gun to their heads.
    • Las Vegas encourages tourists to indulge in sexual voyeurism with a wealth of cheesy, chesty revues - your choice of gender.
    • She glanced over at the bar, where she saw the chesty redhead flirting with a customer as she refilled his drink.
  • 2British

    de pecho
    to be chesty tener el pecho congestionado
    • I would describe the symptoms as flu-like but the chesty cough made it appear like bronchitis.
    • ‘I'm prone to picking up chest infections, like chesty coughs, and I get violent headaches,’ he said.
    • As her other children - Ben, nine, and Kylie, six - played outside, only a chesty cough betrayed their mum's desperate struggle.
    • To break up a chesty cough, try inhaling some steam.
    • I am resting in bed with achy bones/muscles and a horrid chesty cough.
    • So that's it I suppose, I did nothing today, I have a chesty cough and my nose is running away from my face.
    • Some develop chesty coughs - and all of these can be helped by acupuncture, said Hugh.
    • I gave up the roll ups way back purely because of the chesty coughs and my Grandfathers death.
    • This was all done with a very snotty cold and tight chesty cough, the like of which would have made me take a day off were I working for someone other than myself.
    • Regarding his health he said that he did not have any major illnesses but did suffer from indigestion, heartburn and a chesty cough.
    • Or it could simply be ‘fashionable’ now to hand out inhalers to everyone with a chesty cough.
    • I had begun to find their intense flowery scent stifling and had the impression that they were causing my chesty cough.
    • Doctors have warned that a regular chesty cough can be an indicator of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - the collective name for smoking-related illnesses such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
    • It will either help my chesty cough or make me whinny and jump fences.
    • Expectorants in cough mixtures can promote mucus removal for a chesty cough and help to ease breathing for exercise.
    • A chesty cough rattled its way from inside the frail woman.
    • Most chesty illnesses get better on their own, although the cough may take a long time to go completely.
    • As it was I was felt a bit chesty and shivery on Sunday but am alright now.
    • But, in addition to the emotional strain of her younger daughter's death, she has been battling with a virus which has left her with a chesty cold.
    • Today I didn't go into work as I haven't been feeling very well - headaches, chesty cold, etc.