Translation of chew in Spanish:


mascar, v.

Pronunciation /tʃu/ /tʃuː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food) mascar
    (food) masticar
    (nails/pencil) morder
    (tobacco/gum) mascar
    • Baby teeth are important because children need healthy teeth to chew food and to speak.
    • People who chew food with their mouths open should be beaten to death with plates.
    • Carefully it placed a piece in its mouth, chewed, swallowed, and bared its teeth at them.
    • Warily she plucked a grape from the bunch and popped it in her mouth, chewing before swallowing.
    • Katie could see his jaw line and every movement he made as he chewed and swallowed his food.
    • A chip was tossed at her and she caught it in her mouth, chewed vigorously, then swallowed.
    • Her teeth were too sensitive to chew her food and her eyes were too sensitive to have the dining hall curtains open for sunlight.
    • When you eat, you only put as much food in your mouth as you can comfortably chew with your mouth closed.
    • Seahorses have no stomachs or teeth and are therefore unable to store large meals or chew their food.
    • They put the leaves one by one in their mouth and chew them without swallowing.
    • With the end of the cleanse so near, I begin to obsess about tasting and chewing solid food again.
    • She was so hungry she could hardly chew the food.
    • I wiped the cheese on my mouth away with the napkin and quickly chewed and swallowed the chip.
    • He snacks or dines only when there is time to chew his food well.
    • Teach children to chew food more slowly and savour the food.
    • He stared down at his plate nervously, slowly chewing the bite of food that he just took.
    • He eats hurriedly, chewing with his mouth open as he stuffs more food in his mouth.
    • He swallowed it without chewing, just dropping it into his mouth and never seeing it again.
    • As I chewed my food, I shook my head and pretended to be appalled by his lack of interest.
    • He simply stuffed a forkful of overly priced gourmet food into his mouth and chewed slowly.
    • Ryan brought the pen he was holding to his lip to chew the pen lid, mulling the answer to a question on his revision over.
    • Her eyes moved about in worry and she began to chew her bottom lip nervously.
    • He chews tobacco though, which probably doesn't play so well with soccer moms.
    • Lea chews her bottom lip pensively, she looks close to cracking, but what could her secret be?
    • That's not true, for medical evidence says that smoking or chewing tobacco can kill people.
    • However, something strange happens to her voice as she stands at the door chewing her lip and waiting to be invited in.
    • The Indians chew this red weed, like some people chew tobacco, and of course this leads to a build up of red spit which needs to be deposited.
    • Glancing back at his brother, Tyler chews his lip.
    • Madison chews her bottom lip for a while in thought.
    • Martina chews the inside of her lip, examining the other woman carefully.
    • Looking longingly at the items, she stood chewing her lip, wondering which item she should get.
    • I was standing there, chewing my lip and lost in thought when I realized that he was studying my face.
    • I stood staring at him holding my soaking wet towel tight around my body chewing my bottom lip furiously.
    • She was absently chewing her bottom lip and her eyes stared blankly into space.
    • He chewed his bottom lip and didn't say much else for a while.
    • She chewed her lip nervously as she realized this was the scene where Romeo and Juliet kissed.
    • Still feeling very confused, Ally hung up the phone and chewed her lip in thought.
    • I frowned and chewed my lip worriedly as I slowly reached out to take the phone.
    • He chewed his lip anxiously as he scanned the street from the wide doorframe of the barn.
    • They chew their nails, lick their lips, jump over cracks in the pavement.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to chew at/on sth mordiscar algo
    mordisquear algo


  • 1

    a chew of tobacco una mascada de tabaco
    • She was smacking loudly on a chew of gum as she went to give her son a bear hug and a kiss.
    • Besides feasting on goodies such as sausages, dog biscuits and chews, the guests will play games, such as tug the lead, chase the ball and musical dogs.
    • He does get the regular assortment of dog treats: greenies, rawhide chews, dog biscuits, etc.
    • Besides being fed anything from dog chews to porridge, he is also allowed to sleep at the foot of her bed.
    • Later on, you can spend hours finding fun toys, dog chews, and dog costumes for your new best canine friend.
    • The local vet says there are lots of dental aids available for dogs from chews to little toothbrushes.
    • The dog chew would be manufactured from scrap cow skin using a special type of machine specifically designed for this purpose which was purchased from South Africa.
    • Next, they plan to test which versions of the chew toys dogs like best.
    • As Straw points out, even toys can be dangerous, using as an example the rawhide chews many dogs are so fond of; the hides are preserved and cured with chemicals that can be carcinogenic.
    • Neither is the offering of tobacco a part of generalised hospitality - except in the form of the loose tobacco which women add to betel nut chews.
    • He pulled out his pouch of tobacco and took out a chew.
    • Another up and coming illegal meat is known as ‘welly meat’ which is a hide chew.
    • She followed the noise to find two medium-sized dogs tugging and tearing at either end of a chew toy.
    • Smokeless tobacco - spit tobacco, chew, snuff or dip - is just as dangerous.
    • A woman was standing over him and a dog was playing with a chew toy on the floor.
    • So, chucking her a pork based chew, I picked up my keys and ran to David.
    • To help keep dog's teeth in tip top shape, give them rawhide chews to gnaw on.
    • I will take her out before we go so she will be tired anyway and then leave her lots of chews to munch on to keep her busy.
    • During playtime, the purebred German shepherd will run circles around anyone wearing sealskin and whine for a chew.
    • Nontobacco chews and pouches or herbal chews also may help curb your cravings.