Translation of chichi in Spanish:


cursi, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃiʃi/ /ˈtʃiˌtʃi/ /ˈʃiːʃiː/

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    cursi informal, derogatory
    • He abhors ‘extremely clever chichi writing’; language needs to be ‘clear and specific’, ‘with the punctuation in the right places’.
    • Whereas other top hotels err on the chichi side, this one, opened in November 1998, is more pared-down, using natural materials with a flow of water, space and light, and an earthy colour scheme inspired by spices.
    • I have 6 or 7 books to read, a shady tree to sit under, great company, and it turns out that Saint-Remy is like the Hampstead of Provence; more chichi shops and restaurants than we'll get through in a week.
    • For weeks, locals have been peering through the windows of Restaurant Bernard, trying to figure out just what this chichi eatery/bar is doing in such a low-key location.
    • I'd been at a party for the Puerto Rico delegation at a chichi Boston club earlier in the evening, which featured a live band, lots of dancing and a buffet of Puerto Rican food.
    • A $7,000 titanium mountain bike with a smart suspension design and gobs of chichi parts is going to ride, well, flawlessly.
    • Yesterday when I brought out a platter of fancy cheeses, chichi crackers, and sliced pears for dessert R. was both astonished and delighted.
    • The Duro factory churns out chichi paper bags, sold for a buck at the ubiquitous gift shops that dot suburban shopping malls almost everywhere north of the border.
    • During the Stock Show in January I wouldn't have thought twice about seeing someone dressed in such a fashion standing in a chichi grocery store.
    • Despite their rather chichi digs, Kingsley leaves early each morning to dig ditches and run a convenience store - menial, undignified tasks.
    • An innocuous ruin such as this could be a real moneymaker if planning permission was secured to turn it into a small development of chichi apartments.
    • For a visit to luxury land, time travel back to the glorious age of Art Deco in this chichi restaurant that overlooks the lush lobby of Hotel de la Montagne.
    • Various chichi chefs, meanwhile, join in claims that biotech fish are too unnatural for their clientele.
    • Knowing that Gwen is tall made it easy to spot her as I breezed through the chichi lobby.
    • A dinner at a really chichi place and an opportunity to see what else was out there is all he wanted.
    • Belgian influences, on the other had, are confined to a couple of avant-garde fashion designers and a few chichi restaurants in New York, so this is likely to remain a fad.
    • It seems like every magazine I flip through, every department store ad I notice, and just about every chichi woman I see is going loco over logos.
    • Intrepid shoppers know that it's possible to land a bargain anywhere, even in one of Madison Avenue's most chichi boutiques.
    • This arcane coffee drink was once the stuff of mystery, to be found only in chichi Italian restaurants, formulated by cagey old waiters wrestling with giant copper kettles that hissed like contemptuous dragons.
    • Yet the overall atmosphere of San Miguel is not remotely of a chichi American town, nor even is it as spruce as neighbouring colonial cities.