Translation of chick in Spanish:


pollito, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɪk/


  • 1

    (young chicken)
    pollito masculine
    pollita feminine
    polluelo masculine
    polluela feminine
    • A good hatch from a small incubator is indicated when 70 percent or more of the eggs hatch, and the chicks are active and fluffy.
    • I also used domestic chicks with prior experience of both prey types as predators.
    • In the battle against bird flu, international health authorities must handle a thriving legal trade in live birds and chicks.
  • 2

    (young bird)
    pichón masculine
    pichona feminine
    polluelo masculine
    polluela feminine
    • Cuckoos con other birds into rearing their chicks because it's so much easier than doing it themselves.
    • After the experiment, we monitored the experimental birds until chicks fledged.
    • Scientists have discovered there is a bird that can detect cuckoo chicks in the nest.
    • The young chicks fledge or leave the nest in around 60 days and become fully independent in 14 more days.
    • Parent birds rarely succeed in rearing both of their chicks.
    • After about eighteen days' incubation, one or two chicks will hatch, fledge, and begin to whisper the blue-throat song.
    • In the wild it's the father bird that hatches the eggs and protects the chicks from the mother bird who would kill them.
    • More and more birds are losing chicks and returning to nest the following year instead of skipping a year.
    • Young chicks are brooded for an unknown period of time after hatching.
    • These birds eat mice, chicks and any small animal they can find.
    • They climbed trees and devoured eggs, chicks, and birds.
    • The Polynesians also accidentally introduced rats, which may have fed on the eggs and chicks of ground-nesting birds.
    • A parent feeds only its own chick in the crèche, recognizing the chick by its call note.
    • Yet, the presence of cowbird chicks is often accompanied by a reduction of the number of host chicks and fledglings.
    • They climb trees with ease and prey on birds, chicks and eggs in their nests.
    • But if the mothers are late returning from the ocean with food, the newly hatched chicks will die.
    • The newly hatched chicks run to shore from the burrows, enter the water, and swim to the parents.
    • You won't need to be patient if you're looking for Peregrine Falcon chicks.
    • This spring, we've watched as the mother falcon warmed her eggs and saw the falcon chicks right after they hatched.
    • He hatched and hand-reared 22 chicks at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge, which is home to the largest colony of breeding flamingoes in the county.
  • 3slang

    (young woman)
    muchacha feminine
    chavala feminine Spain informal
    pebeta feminine River Plate informal
    cabra feminine Chile informal
    • He used his role as a journalist to meet high school chicks, and the nation is outraged, simply outraged that a journalist would manipulate someone in that way.
    • You'll see lots of attractive chicks with nothing to do and no real job descriptions.
    • I'm never going to skate quite like they are, I'm never going to attract as many chicks.
    • Were he and his gift for healing a big hit with the chicks in high school?
    • It is more important to be you than to be the hottest chick or guy in school.
    • Dumb blond actress chicks look really good up on a big movie screen or on the pages of a magazine.
    • You should see all those hot chicks near the school grounds!
    • Why work out when you can wow the chicks with these beauties!
    • If you were a woman you'd be a girly girl and grungy chicks aren't your thing.
    • He's the kind of guy that'd be interested in Goth punk chicks, not girls like me.
    • There was a chick from Cross High School that Sam recognized.
    • Even when she became fashionable and the school chick, she still remained my stubborn, loyal friend, willing to defend me.
    • I'm not one of those groupie chicks who only likes sports for the hot babe action.
    • I keep forgetting broads don't like it when you call them chicks.
    • Beauty contests should be about hot chicks in skimpy outfits.
    • Both chicks, I have to say, are stunningly attractive; classic beauties who radiate an unmediated sexiness.
    • If you think of girl bands merely as hot chicks who can sing and dance, think again.
    • A slight catfight was going on between a popular bimbo chick and a new girl.
    • The most puzzling situation happens when a chick rejects you for a less attractive male.