Translation of chicken in Spanish:


pollo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪkən/ /ˈtʃɪkɪn/


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    pollo masculine
  • 2

    Cooking pollo masculine
    (hen) gallina feminine
    chicken liver hígado de pollo
    • The meats consisted of soft shelled crab covered in spices, tender roast beef and chicken.
    • The main types of meat are pork, chicken, and mutton.
    • This tells us that she won't eat red meat, chicken, pork, fish or seafood.
    • Believe me, the beef, pork, chicken and other meats are very expensive.
    • Roast beef, chicken, seafood, steak, and savory stews were among the typical fare.
    • The decline was more pronounced among women who ate a high percentage of non-dairy animal protein, such as red meat, chicken, turkey and pork.
    • When I am given a choice of meats, I choose white meat such as chicken or fish over steak.
    • The sauce also goes well with leftover roast, chicken, turkey or ham.
    • The main course was a pristine roast chicken with herbs and bacon and mashed potatoes along with mixed vegetables.
    • Some braised beef or roast chicken, for example, would be a welcome addition.
    • The sauce is good served with roast chicken, steak or grilled fish.
    • Corn, rice, and peas are eaten with meats such as chicken, fish, pork, and beef.
    • Smoke rose from the center, where open fires roasted chicken and other meats.
    • We had a delicious meal of steak, roast chicken, mashed potatoes and salad.
    • The preferred meat is mutton, but chicken, beef, and camel also are consumed.
    • My husband and I don't eat red meat or chicken; my parents, who do, call us ‘vegetarians.’
    • They were also asked to decrease intake of red meat, substituting chicken, fish, and skim milk as protein sources.
    • This includes all previously allowed items plus red meat, chicken, and well-cooked vegetables.
    • Concentrate on eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and choose chicken rather than red meat.
    • These people tended to avoid red meat but ate chicken and fish.
    • Most of us think we're familiar with the sounds of the domestic chicken, but not all fowl calls are created equal.
    • As birds go, the domestic chicken is hardly built for high-performance flight.
    • This brief summary demonstrates the level of understanding that has been gained in studying the scutate scales of the chicken.
    • Everyone has seen at least a few gallinaceous birds, since domesticated chicken and turkeys are in this category.
    • This mighty bird, the chicken of chickens, is brilliantly colored with feathers of red, green, brown, black, and gold.
    • I understand, and have seen at first hand on several occasions what a fox can do to a flock of chickens, or other domestic fowl.
    • Domesticated animals such as chickens and pigs were raised in the same area.
    • The Portuguese introduced the domestic pig, chickens, olives, and salt cod as well as coffee and tea.
    • We walked very quietly around the yard to try and find the chickens and roosters who were hiding in one of the stables.
    • Each of the three compartments contained either a chicken, a rooster or an egg.
    • He tried his medicine on young chickens which were given the concoction twice a week.
    • Three younger girls chase a chicken around in circles.
    • As per traditional Indian thinking, seeing a brood of chickens along with a hen is a bad omen.
    • The disappearance of chickens in many farmyards and back gardens must have reduced the availability of food.
    • However, the animals sacrificed in these rites have been chickens and hens.
    • She lived on the top floor while all her hens and chickens clucked happily on the ground level.
    • For example, chickens and turkeys can escape most of the harms just described.
    • The male chickens have dark yellow feet whereas the female chickens have light yellow feet.
    • When it comes to making a sacrificial gift to the gods, they prefer to slaughter a male chicken.
    • Just as it sounds, a fertile egg has been fertilized by a male chicken and could potentially become a chick.


informal, child language
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    gallina informal