Translation of chicken Kiev in Spanish:

chicken Kiev

pollo Kiev, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkiːev/


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    pollo Kiev masculine
    • The other buffet tables included pans of schnitzel, chicken Kiev, and smoked salmon.
    • While rib-eye steaks have been off the menu since 2010, rump steaks, chicken Kiev and kangaroo fillets have been served during the past year.
    • The psuedo-Polish foods, like beef stroganoff and chicken Kiev, were just OK and not worth ordering.
    • Some interesting selections that I hope to taste during my next visit are the Russian blini starter and the chicken Kiev.
    • The only two Russian dishes that were acceptable to me were borscht and chicken Kiev.
    • The dining room where Mom served up chicken Kiev alongside a glass of milk at 6 o'clock sharp is but a retro dream.
    • The chicken Kiev, according to the menu, is prepared using an old Russian recipe and is served with sides of potatoes and peas.
    • The chicken Kiev is fantastic-what a find!
    • His visitations seemed shockingly out of place, like finding chicken Kiev on the menu of an American bistro.
    • For the main course try some authentic chicken Kiev: real comfort food in the winter months.
    • When the Moscow pork cutlet my friend had ordered eventually arrived it resembled a huge chicken Kiev on a bed of vegetables.
    • No metropolitian restaurant has put prawn cocktail and chicken Kiev on the menu for years, except in a spirit of irony.