Translation of chicken wire in Spanish:

chicken wire

alambrera, n.


  • 1

    alambrera feminine
    • These cylinders, measuring but a nanometer or so in diameter, display a surface of hexagonal carbon rings that give the material the appearance of a honeycomb or chicken wire.
    • To prevent deer from damaging young trees and shrubs, surround them with wire cages made from chicken wire or hardware mesh.
    • The only sure-fire way to protect tulips and crocuses and other tasty bulb treats from squirrels is to lay wire mesh such as chicken wire on top of the bed.
    • Some people use chicken wire or fly wire screen.
    • She said material similar to chicken wire mesh would be temporarily laid on some sections of the bank of the River Foss.
    • A bit of chicken wire and plastic mesh lend bulk but not mass.
    • As you work, you can reinforce the shape by using chicken wire - the regular old chicken wire you find at a hardware or farm supply store.
    • Structurally, graphite consists of sheets of carbon atoms linked hexagonally like chicken wire.
    • To keep those leaves from blowing away, he puts down a layer of chicken wire on top of the entire bed and stakes the wire down.
    • Sandwich the lights between a second layer of chicken wire and secure the layers with cable ties.
    • The homes of the poorest are built of flimsy materials: bamboo, cardboard, chicken wire, newspaper, tin cans, boards and other scavenged materials.
    • Floral art is now significantly more sophisticated, involving everything from pine, to bark, to wooden structures and chicken wire.
    • The structure has thick walls of snow and ice, reinforced with wooden arches, metal bands, chicken wire and refrigeration lines.
    • It's a handmade crawfish trap - a large tube fashioned from chicken wire.
    • For those who insist on leaving their cats on elevated balconies, she recommends chicken wire to prevent cats climbing onto ledges.
    • Bitter experience leads me to suggest covering the newly planted containers with chicken wire to prevent squirrels from digging the whole lot up again.
    • They surrounded the town with chicken wire and you can't even see it now.
    • What is the correct method of disposal for rusty chicken wire?
    • They've also covered the lower rungs of a barrier with chicken wire to stop youngsters climbing up on it and falling into the track.
    • If rats still prove a problem, you can use chicken wire to keep them at bay.