Translation of chief in Spanish:


líder, n.

Pronunciation /tʃif/ /tʃiːf/

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  • 1

    líder masculine, feminine
    jefe masculine
    jefa feminine
    chief of police jefe de policía
    • the great white chief el gran jefe
    • And very few of them are presided over by local aristocrats or clan chiefs.
    • And even in Gaelic tales, the island earned fame for being the penal colony where clan chiefs put their enemies in exile.
    • Some clan chiefs hedged their bets and sent sons off to fight on opposing sides.
    • Ironically, the bill could strengthen the clan chief's claims.
    • The main event of the weekend was the celebration and election of the clan chief.
    • In rural areas, political control is directed by the village chiefs or chieftainesses.
    • Other peoples had military leaders, tribal chiefs, or headmen, but not officials.
    • In consultation with the other women, the clan mother chose one or more men to serve as clan chiefs.
    • Both parties relied on their own militias, alliances with clan chiefs and security apparatus.
    • Under the clan system they were pressed into feudal military service by their clan chiefs.
    • From feudalism a clan chief gained the concept of absolute ownership of land, and the system of succession by primogeniture.
    • Native leaders today say the chiefs were acting as representatives of sovereign nations when they signed the document.
    • To help you, you have an ecologist, a business manager, and the chief of the village.
    • The chief sent out each leader of each group of mercenaries to alert them of the coming battle.
    • Secondly the security forces pressure the village chiefs to cooperate and if they refuse, they'll be killed.
    • Others have returned to Harare, claiming village chiefs are refusing to accept them because there is not enough food.
    • Everybody had done exactly what the village chief had done.
    • The village chief says he would not give up any of his six children but says others believe they are doing their sons or daughters a favor.
    • A hush descended on the crowd as the village chief began to speak.
    • But in this country any one can come in the country waving a letter of permit from a chief whose village is along the border.
    • Mickey's evidence comes from a bureau chief of one of the news organizations.
    • The discussions between the unions and council chiefs are deadlocked because the employers say they cannot afford to increase their offer.
    • Police chiefs say the federal government must first secure the country's borders.
    • A tough warning is being given to rave organisers in mid Essex by police and council chiefs.
    • Top government officials and police chiefs stand accused of being on his payroll.
    • The national chief confirmed that his organization is still not sure what its final budget for this year will be.
    • Strikes that crippled North Yorkshire last month are expected to be repeated as union chiefs urge council workers to reject latest pay offers.
    • Council chiefs and union officials have stressed that no final figures have been agreed and that negotiations are only about to start.
    • Residents have held numerous meetings with the college, police and council chiefs to try to resolve problems.
    • Union bosses met hospital chiefs in a separate meeting earlier in the day.
    • Union chiefs must sign a business contract agreeing to this or face the possibility of the pit closing.
    • Governors, state school chiefs and business executives will lead the efforts in each state.
    • Union chiefs have pledged that a one-day strike by local government workers will not interfere with burials or hit vulnerable people.
    • Since then, a succession of mayors, city councils and police chiefs have upheld the policy.
    • Everything else would be handed over to local Chief Constables and directly elected police chiefs.
    • Union chiefs are now asking the Government to lay down tougher security guidelines for all bus operators.
    • Police, transport chiefs and Wigan Council have launched a pioneering scheme to kick criminals off buses.
    • The attacks in Burnley and Nelson have been blasted by fire chiefs, councillors and police.
    • It may have been St Valentine's Day, but there was little love lost between fire chiefs and union officials at a crunch modernisation meeting.
    • Seventy-one vacant posts have not been filled following lengthy negotiations between the unions and city finance chiefs.
  • 2 informal

    jefe masculine
    jefa feminine
    • Ah, it's just the main troops, Timmy, nothing to worry about, chief!
    • Maybe at one time, chief, but the carpet cops have taken over.
    • There's a button on the left of your keyboard somewhere with the words ‘Caps Lock’ printed on it, chief.
    • I know it's not my place to disagree with you, chief, but this song worries me.
  • 3British informal

    (as form of address) jefe masculine
    (as form of address) jefa feminine
    (as form of address) patrón masculine
    (as form of address) patrona feminine


  • 1

    • The chief concern among skeptics is that young people are not mature or intelligent enough to vote properly.
    • Among the chief concerns is the bank's investment portfolio, which now makes up more than half of its assets.
    • Among the chief tactics of the fallen principalities and powers is the incitement of fear.
    • But in defending his government's right-wing record, he hinted at the chief reason.
    • It spread across the kingdom to become a matter of chief concern to the government before the rebels agreed to sit down for peace talks.
    • The fulfillment of God's grand design became the chief concern of human endeavor.
    • Thankfully, this bewitching musical is as much about sight as sound: the glittering costumes and breathtaking sets are among the chief pleasures.
    • That's kind of amazing, because everybody who talks about this cites rising productivity as the chief reason.
    • But surely the chief reason is the way America approaches newcomers.
    • Among the chief demands of teachers is the provision of technical lab assistants, at a cost of €19 million a year.
    • The chief reason people send spam is that it's incredibly cheap to do so.
    • Obviously, location, venue, weather and cost are among the chief factors.
    • Students are among the chief beneficiaries from the original website's section on festival transport.
    • The trust's dire financial position is being seen as the chief reason.
    • Ornithologists tell us that habitat loss is the chief reason for this decline.
    • Nor would Plato have placed the frenzy of poets and seers among the chief blessings of life, and the oracle would not have called the labours of Aeneas insane.
    • Among the brothers' chief commissions were those from the Farnese family for decorative schemes in their palace in Rome and their villa at Caprarola.
    • While not included explicitly among the chief tasks of Soviet forestry, conservation did have a place in the new law.
    • Then, Ford Motor Company said it ranked dead last in performance among its chief suppliers.
    • One of the chief roles of calls among songbirds is to find mates, and that takes me back to the topic of sympatric speciation.