Translation of chief constable in Spanish:

chief constable

jefe de policía, n.


  • 1

    jefe de policía masculine
    jefa de policía feminine
    • A chief constable would sack a police officer for breaking the law.
    • A spokeswoman for Humberside police said the chief constable was in his office today in full uniform.
    • I would love there to be more traffic police, but chief constables have to work within their budgets.
    • The list of delegates included council chief executives, health officials, police chief constables and minority group leaders.
    • Yesterday, the chief constable and the police authority issued a joint statement in a fresh bid to quell the outcry.
    • Damages are paid out of the police fund, not by the chief constable personally.
    • The responsibility for taking executive action on the intelligence remained with the Special Branch and the chief constables under the authority of the home secretary.
    • It must hold the chief constable and police service publicly to account.
    • Meanwhile, the chief constable's vision for community policing across the county was given a warm welcome by forum members.
    • Neighbors soon learned that reporting policemen to their chief constables for unseemly conduct was an effective way to force police families to change their behavior or move.
    • Residence is therefore a matter which goes to the jurisdiction of a particular chief constable in the exercise of his statutory powers.
    • The service was supported by all police staff associations in the UK with chief constables and police authority members in attendance.
    • Senior councillors, residents and police officers have welcomed the chief constable's statement.
    • Ministers also announced that foreign policemen would be able to become chief constables for the first time.
    • So he proposes to devolve most policing issues to newly elected local police authorities, with the independence of chief constables enshrined in statute.
    • And if chief constables are given greater flexibility, we may well see police staff numbers grow at the expense of police officer numbers.
    • Copies of the study are now in the hands of all chief constables in Scotland, the Police College and the Scottish Police Federation.
    • A police magazine has been recalled after the chief constable said a cartoon on the front was offensive.
    • The local police authority battled to keep the chief constable in office until the last possible moment.
    • Scottish chief constables could take the initiative in their regions and could do that if they wanted to.