Translation of chief inspector in Spanish:

chief inspector

inspector general (de la policía), n.


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    inspector general (de la policía) masculine Latin America
    inspectora general (de la policía) feminine Latin America
    inspector jefe (de la policía) masculine Spain
    inspectora jefe (de la policía) feminine Spain
    • Sharon and I both belong to the Association of Senior Women Officers and it is really good to see the number of chief inspectors and detective chief inspectors coming through at a younger period.
    • You are a sergeant, you are an inspector, a chief inspector, superintendent.
    • A total of 1,457 inspectors, 391 chief inspectors and 629 superintendents were questioned in the survey.
    • We are talking about grass roots; we are talking about PCs, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors.
    • It is suggested that a public meeting on the issue will take place sometime and also the police chief inspector will be invited to voice his opinion.
    • The chief inspector said police would need the help of other agencies and the public in doing this.
    • That's £100,000 for the sake of a few eggs: or the annual salary of five more police constables, four more sergeants or two more chief inspectors.
    • This meeting will inform a later submission from the chief inspector to the relevant minister on what action should be taken to improve services within the council in a timely way.
    • We have representatives - I think they are chief inspectors - from the two police stations involved.
    • The South Yorkshire Police vetting unit is made up of a chief inspector, another officer and three civilians who are overseen by a superintendent.
    • She is returning to the city centre, where she worked as a chief inspector before transferring to Merseyside as a superintendent.
    • I spent, I think, four weeks on a sergeant's course, a couple of weeks on an inspector's course and nothing on a chief inspector's course.
    • Soon after he became an inspector and worked with the motorway unit and then a chief inspector of traffic operations at the force's Hutton headquarters.
    • We asked the Treasury Solicitor to take charge of the inquiry in conjunction with a senior police officer of at least the rank of chief inspector.
    • A former police chief inspector accused of thefts totalling £20,000 has denied the offences and is to go on trial at Crown Court.
    • Until one very recent promotion to superintendent there were also no women above chief inspector rank, they said.
    • The probation service has not been in good shape, as the criticisms of the quality of its work by successive chief inspectors demonstrate.
    • It is not the job of the chief inspector to tell the administration what the administration wants to hear.
    • The role of the chief inspector in the criminal justice unit will be replaced by a civilian manager.
    • The chief inspector told the magistrates that the pubs in the district were well run with no ‘problem premises’.