Translation of Chief Rabbi in Spanish:

Chief Rabbi

Gran Rabino, n.


  • 1

    Gran Rabino masculine
    • He sent a message to the chief rabbi of Rome's Jewish community saying he wants to continue the relationship with the Jewish community that began under John Paul II.
    • The chief rabbi, the ministers, the mayors… none of them have the right words of comfort for me.
    • Born in Hamburg and educated at the University of Bonn, he was the chief rabbi of Moravia, a community of 50,000 Jews.
    • The chief rabbi had gone on national TV to announce that the man wasn't a Jew.
    • At least 60 rabbis, including a former chief rabbi of Israel, have told observant soldiers to disobey.
    • In Belgium, thugs beat up the chief rabbi, kicking him in the face and calling him ‘a dirty Jew.’
    • In 1921, he became the chief rabbi of Palestine.
    • After 1878 a chief rabbinate was created, headed by a chief rabbi.
    • There were three chairs, the chief rabbi, the president of Italy and the pope, all on three equal thrones.
    • As he argues in an article on the chief rabbi of New York, most American Jews were nineteenth-century subjects, having ‘grown up’ out of the historical period dominated by the ideas of the Talmud.
    • Though once the chief rabbi of one of Amsterdam's three synagogues and a scholarly resource for Christian humanists and philogists, by the 1650s, Menasseh had been demoted to teaching primary school and giving monthly sermons.
    • The problems from this circumstance mounted, until one day the bishop decided something had to be done and called a meeting with the chief rabbi.
    • I'm Jewish and I'm slightly alarmed that the one religious leader who hasn't spoken out against the war has been the chief rabbi.
    • Organised religion, he declared, was a collection of myths, and Spinoza's refusal to recant led to his being excommunicated in the most fiery terms by Amsterdam's chief rabbi.
    • Indeed a former ambassador and former chief rabbi have publicly expressed their appreciation.
    • The army's chief rabbi has told soldiers they must not disobey orders.