Translation of chiefly in Spanish:


principalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃifli/ /ˈtʃiːfli/

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    • The grapes here, mainly Piróvano, are chiefly sold as table grapes but some particularly alcoholic wine, both red and white, is made.
    • This is chiefly an issue for primary schools, both in Kingston and nationally.
    • They were primarily portraitists, but Thomas is now chiefly remembered for his dramatic Boadicea monument at Westminster Bridge, London, showing the fearsome warrior queen in her chariot.
    • He was a member of a group known in ancient times as the Stoics, and he is chiefly remembered as the author of Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium, generally known in English as Letters from a Stoic.
    • This principle is chiefly applicable to the legislature.
    • The clergyman participates in marriages chiefly as a witness.
    • He is remembered chiefly for his topographical poem in tetrameter couplets, Grongar Hill, which describes the scenery of the river Towy.
    • Abelard is chiefly remembered for advocating the so-called ‘moral influence’ theory of the atonement.
    • Marx is remembered chiefly, of course, as a political thinker.
    • Rough will be chiefly remembered for his shareholder activism.
    • Although Baird is chiefly remembered for mechanical television, his developments were not limited to this alone.
    • The title of the book rather excludes Wotton's poetry, for which he is now perhaps chiefly remembered.
    • Hermann Grassmann is chiefly remembered for his development of a general calculus for vectors.
    • The most common bird of prey is the kestrel, which feeds chiefly on rodents such as mice and voles but will occasionally take small birds, beetles, small frogs, etc.
    • Mitchell claims to have been chiefly inspired by his parents, especially watching his father play guitar at family gatherings.
    • Dunn has worked chiefly from contemporary accounts, which makes this substantial volume both credible and original.
    • Parmentier was chiefly known for his participation in the short-lived but influential BMPT group of painters.
    • Sheikh Muhammed is chiefly remembered today for his Yoga-sangrama, a long allegory in songs describing the spiritual struggle as a ‘battle of yoga’.
    • She will be remembered here chiefly for her stunning city council upset and the Clarendon Gardens issue.
    • The monks were chiefly responsible for preserving this teaching, since it was largely directed to them.