Translation of child in Spanish:


niño, n.

Pronunciation /tʃaɪld/ /tʃʌɪld/

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nounplural children

  • 1

    (boy) niño masculine
    (girl) niña feminine
    → see also abuse
    a group of children un grupo de niños
    • I've known her since I was a child la conozco desde niño / chico
    • don't be such a child! ¡no seas niño / crío!
    • the child is father of the man lo que se mama de niño dura toda la vida
    • The couple had three children, a daughter and two sons who work in the business.
    • She said that if she had children she would want daughters like Holly.
    • I have chosen to stay at home to bring up my daughter and any other children that I may choose to have.
    • His second child, a daughter, was born when he was still studying in Bangkok.
    • Just over a year ago she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Deva.
    • He says that Caroline is not fit to bring up children and that his daughters are not staying in that immoral environment.
    • He and his wife have two children, a daughter who is approximately four years of age and a son who is about one.
    • It was here they raised their family of six children, five sons and a daughter.
    • There they raised their own family of seven children, four sons and three daughters.
    • This is what it takes to be a good child; a good son; a good daughter; a good citizen.
    • The daughter now has a child of her own and is trying to complete high school.
    • Outside in the yard was a father a mother and their two children, a son and a daughter.
    • All parents want their children to be happy and most want their children to be successful.
    • She revelled in the academic and sporting successes of her children and grandchildren.
    • He had two children, but his son Michael died in a car accident 20 years ago.
    • I would be single and successful with no children, while still hanging on to some sort of cool bohemian style.
    • Here was a father who lost not one but two children in quick succession, in the prime of their lives.
    • My four children and three step-children could have ended up without a father.
    • The couple had one child, their daughter Sonya, who went to Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton.
    • As far as the newspaper was concerned, his father had only one child, a daughter.
    • The ultrasound probe is used mainly for head scanning of newborn babies and young children.
    • Malnourishment prevents a child from reaching full mental and physical development.
    • Is it inevitable when a baby or a young child gets these autoantibodies that they go on to develop diabetes?
    • I have issues with the shininess of cover designs for children and young adults this year.
    • Twenty-one young children from the local schools marched in step, each child carrying a rose.
    • They bullied younger children, they teased girls, they fought boys weaker than themselves.
    • A young child needs to develop a sense that he or she is a good and valued human being on this earth.
    • Briefly, it showed a row of young children sitting on a school stage.
    • The six sessions include giving tips and ideas for playing with young children and toddlers.
    • She says she does not know of any European countries where children started school as young as they do in Britain.
    • He felt strongly about inequality of any kind and mentored young children excluded from school.
    • It was the smaller children and young girls who could not be expected to speak out.
    • Sometimes when I look back on my life as a child or young adolescent, it is through the eyes of a bemused observer.
    • On one occasion, we visited an orphanage and the youngest child, a 3 year old, fell asleep on my lap.
    • It usually affects children, teenagers and young adults and requires daily injections of insulin.
    • While at play, toddlers and young children are usually in the care of older siblings.
    • Our member companies are committed to the health and wellbeing of infants and young children.
    • As a young child, Jane was often responsible for her own physical care and the care of her mother.
    • Would you like to have your say on issues that effect children and young people?
    • Unions say that children as young as three have physically attacked teachers as well as other pupils.
  • 2

    (son) hijo masculine
    (daughter) hija feminine
    have you any children? ¿tiene hijos?
    • we have two children tenemos dos hijos
    • she's a child of the sixties es un producto de los años sesenta