Translation of child abuse in Spanish:

child abuse

malos tratos a la infancia, n.


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    malos tratos a la infancia masculine
    • It is too easy for a belief like this to support child abuse and sexual molestation.
    • I got sick reading the news of the two foreigners arrested on sexual child abuse.
    • The counsellor is duty-bound under California law to report any child abuse.
    • Distressing events, such as child abuse and terrorism, are reported widely in the media.
    • What is known though is that reports of child abuse have skyrocketed.
    • Within four years of publication, nearly every state had mandated that doctors report child abuse.
    • Each Family Centre is part of a social work team which deals with child protection and the prevention of child abuse.
    • It is certainly a topic that audiences rarely warm to: films about child abuse have a hard time at the box office.
    • At the time many people did not see this as an issue of child abuse.
    • There was a plea for cooperation between all departments in identifying child abuse.
    • To understand child abuse we need, paradoxically, to think harder about the nature of childhood.
    • The experts all agreed that corporal punishment that results in injury is child abuse.
    • Domestic violence is often concurrent with child abuse, because violent men hit both wives and kids.
    • This is a controversial field and goes to the heart of recent public concerns over child abuse.
    • It provokes a range of responses based on two radically different perspectives on the issue of child abuse.
    • Other causes taken up include road safety, child abuse and health education.
    • This teacher committed further acts of child abuse after his appointment and was later convicted.
    • Surely this would give way to more problems that could range from child abuse to abandoned babies.
    • He emerged from the courtroom shouting that he had played no part in child abuse.
    • The detention of children without a coherent rationale is institutional child abuse.