Translation of child care in Spanish:

child care

cuidado de los niños, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃaɪld ˌkɛr/ /ˈtʃʌɪl(d)kɛː/


  • 1

    cuidado de los niños masculine
    puericultura feminine
    child care facilities guarderías
    • There is much confusion about the type of childcare services available to parents.
    • There are several different childcare options available to parents returning to work.
    • Many agree that the government needs to invest more in parental leave and quality childcare.
    • I think that the failure of the government to give working parents tax relief on childcare costs is a scandal.
    • The cost starts early, with a third of the money going to working parents to help with childcare costs.
    • It gives the opportunity to parents to work knowing that their children have high quality childcare.
    • If someone wanted to go into childcare they would be looking for a larger nursery than ours.
    • Of course, the middle-class mother in Britain may be able to afford private childcare.
    • Better yet, we could have personal tax breaks for everyone who has to pay for childcare.
    • The best way of choosing childcare is to go and see a range of nurseries, childminders or other carers.
    • Apart from the lack of jobs, the main obstacle for lone parents who want a paid job is the lack of childcare.
    • The problem is that there is no realistic scheme of funding or childcare.
    • Those using childcare the most are managers, administrators and professionals.
    • The results also show that childcare will again be an issue in the next general election.
    • She had won a place to become a student teacher but could not afford childcare for her daughter, Jessica.
    • New staff can also be offered childcare on a temporary basis until they find something more permanent.
    • They will be able to meet and speak to special advisers about finding work, childcare and tax credits.
    • Lack of childcare and transport can make it difficult for many women to access training and support.
    • Fortunately he was in childcare during this time and they were really good about it.
    • She would get excited about going to parties with friends and looked forward to a career in childcare.