Translation of childproof in Spanish:


a prueba de niños, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃaɪl(d)pruf/ /ˈtʃʌɪl(d)pruːf/


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    a prueba de niños
    • On the other hand, a childproof house prevents parents from repeatedly saying ‘no,’ while giving the child a greater sense of independence.
    • Even handier for families: the dispensers have a childproof lock to prevent young children from having a field day with them.
    • Some of the biggest culprits are childproof caps, jar lids and the aseptic cartons used to house milk and juice.
    • Seeing her frustration, her mom explained it was a childproof cap and she'd have to open it for her.
    • She's one of those psychiatrists that would be a really nice person if she didn't have all the answers in amber bottles with childproof caps.
    • A range of childproof locks is available to prevent accidents or injury in your home.
    • I visited the lovely sun-shielded children's playground with my granddaughter and was astounded to find that the playground is not enclosed by a childproof fence.
    • Their home also needs to be altered to include childproof locks, catches and safety glass.
    • External controls are clearly a good idea, but if you are in danger of an attack by mischievous children attracted to an interesting dial go for a childproof element on the controls.
    • Make your home as childproof as possible to allow your baby to explore in safety without you having to fuss around with moving things out of the way.
    • She is campaigning for what she calls ‘sensible’ gun control, advocating trigger locks, childproof guns and mandatory background checks at gun shows.
    • In the 6 to 1 ruling, the court rejected the mother's charge that the semi-automatic handgun was defective because it lacked a lock to make it childproof.
    • This is the least awkward and most secure type of childproof lock we've seen, especially if you mount the control unit high on a wall where adults can easily see and reach it while kids cannot.
    • The childproof, well-stocked play area has a two-way mirror that allows parents to peek in on their children without being seen.
    • At home, keep medication locked in a childproof container.
    • The set up did not last long, as it was not childproof!
    • She also got John to put childproof latches on all the cupboards that a small child might reach.
    • Marnie had dreamed of having space for a childproof studio that she could lock up at night.
    • Travel with a childproof doorknob cover so if the room doorknob is round you can use it.
    • Locked drawers and cabinets keep little hands safe, as do childproof safety covers for electrical outlets.