Translation of chili dog in Spanish:

chili dog


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    perrito caliente con chile con carne
    • That cost more than $10 so I went with the Top Dog - a chili dog with mustard, sauerkraut and bacon - sweet potato fries and a lemonade.
    • And the Giants are in town to brutally beat the Cubs the next day, and I eat a knockwurst, a bratwurst and a chili dog in quick succession.
    • ‘I'm in the mood for a hot chili dog and nachos with melted cheese! ‘exclaimed Kendra.’
    • And so here is Pat Miller, munching a chili dog in the middle of King James Country and calmly adjusting the control rods in the nuclear reactor.
    • There was the tastiest chili dog you ever laid eyes on.
    • Seth's dad thanked his son and jammed the chili dog into his mouth.
    • You start out with a half-dozen wings and move on to a large chili dog.
    • Don't forget, you want him to find you hot, so don't devour your chili dog in two giant chomps.
    • Just eaten a massive chili dog, got mustard all over your hands and there are no toilets in sight?
    • Paul and Betty Pink borrowed $50 to buy a perambulator cart and set up shop on the corner of La Brea and Melrose, selling a 10-cent chili dog with all the fixings to studio moguls and hoboes alike.
    • I think I was trying to relive that Shoestring's chili dog experience I had back in Placerville.
    • I know it is hard to believe, but this chili dog from a roadside stand was the best food so far, all month long.
    • After golf, players gathered at caddyshack #2 and had chili dogs and hotdogs plus a few beers to wash it down.
    • [Producer] Joel [Silver] kept us supplied with Polish deli sausages, and vitamins and chili dogs kept our strength up.
    • America, downsize your fries, unstuff your pizza, and take your chili dogs for a walk.
    • You're the one who ate chili dogs and ice cream this morning… you freak!
    • Long before there were fast-food drive-thrus, there were carhops slinging chili dogs and orange shakes at The Varsity, which opened in 1928 and now has four locations around town.
    • We ate warm chili dogs and watched little snooty five-year-old skiers walk by, kids you could tell hadn't fallen even once that day.
    • In their free time, the ladies shovel down chili dogs, gamble away their stipends in casinos, and look for eligible men to date.
    • He started a few weeks ago, showing fans how to make flat bread chili dogs and jalapeno popcorn.