Translation of chilled in Spanish:


relajado, adj.

Pronunciation /tʃɪld/


  • 1

    • The album is chilled, but ultimately uplifting.
    • They have concocted a breezy soundscape that is eminently chilled without the lack of personality the term "chill-out" implies.
    • Throughout, tango's chilled swing is never allowed to disappear completely.
    • At times noJazz can be as slick and sexy as Gilles Peterson's mix sets, as chilled and elegant as Bob James' Touchdown-era smooth-jazz or as provocative and intriguing as Miles Davis' '80s high points.
    • Greenwich, itself, is a really cool place to hang out in, particularly at night, feeling a little more chilled and relaxed than the hustle and bustle of the city centre.
    • She was chilled about the whole thing and explained that all I had to do was choose the order of the music and the tempo, talk to the musicians (or my "Jazz Boys" as they are now known) and all would be cool.
    • The Scottish foursome sound nicely chilled where they used to be, for better or worse, just plain flaky.
    • This debut EP features six cuts and is sure to appeal to all those who love their music chilled to the point of sublime down-tempo sophistication.
    • The gently soothing flute arrangements give a vaguely laid-back chilled perspective to the overall process.
    • It's worldly yet urban, chilled yet dancy.
    • I had it easy because Chelsea was very chilled.
    • That jazzy vocal style is just supposed to make you feel chilled.
    • If it's Monday morning, think chilled; if it's lunchtime, stick to the charts.
    • Between the full-bodied, rounded sound and the generally chilled mood of the writing and playing, the album has a subdued, reflective tone.
    • The majority of the tracks included remain on the chilled side, with most artists reflecting on the more melodic end of the spectrum.
    • Ken's a really chilled, easygoing guy.
    • Back then I was really chilled.
    • It is chilled enough for when the lights go out, and energetic enough for the morning.
    • You've just returned from a fantastic skiing holiday, feeling chilled and refreshed - the only worry on the horizon the fact that you have to go back to work the next day.