Translation of chilly in Spanish:


frío, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪli/

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adjective chillier, chilliest

  • 1

    (room/weather) frío
    chilly today, isn't it? hace fresquito hoy ¿no?
    • I feel chilly tengo frío
    • a chilly economic climate una situación económica adversa
    • Sultry summer evenings gave way to chilly autumn and cold winter nights.
    • I have an immersion heater so we'll have hot water, but the radiators are stone cold and it's chilly this evening.
    • A big, blazing fire in a massive, heat retaining rock fireplace will be just the thing for chilly evenings - or cold winter days.
    • The moon was about a half off its regular size and the weather began chilly and unpleasant.
    • The evenings are becoming chilly now, enough to remind us of how very cold it will be, come winter.
    • They are also ideal for supplementing existing central heating systems, not only throughout the winter months but also on chilly spring and autumn evenings.
    • A chilly, drizzly evening set the stage for a terrific tale of murder, mystery and mayhem, led by one Mr. Ripper's foremost authorities.
    • Too bad those chilly San Francisco evenings demand socks and shoes.
    • The first of this year's meetings on May 8th was well attended though the evening was quite chilly after the great April spell.
    • That's what found him under the glare of the strobe lights one chilly Saturday evening amidst the calm environs of the Chiran Fort Club.
    • The atmosphere in Gurazada open-air auditorium at Siripuram junction warmed up on a chilly evening with hot numbers.
    • On a chilly Sunday evening, amidst the picturesque Necklace Road, Hyderabadis were witness to a special event.
    • ON a chilly autumn evening seven years ago a young soldier died in mysterious circumstances on the training area at Catterick Garrison.
    • In every one the owner offered a little cup of strong black sugary tea and a chair by the stove, since outside high summer the evenings are decidedly chilly.
    • MY fondest memory of Halloween occurred one chilly evening 13 or so years ago.
    • He said he had loaned the woman his jumper when the air turned chilly during an evening out after the flight in August, 2001.
    • I have an old Shetland wool cardigan jacket, knitted in a massive cable stitch, that I tend to wear on chilly evenings.
    • The BT engineer should be around tomorrow morning to work on it, which is great as it's a little chilly in here this evening.
    • This is just the thing for these chilly winter evenings and it's so simple, so delicious and so brilliant.
    • Although I was quite wet on the chilly evening, I continued to talk with one agent after another.
  • 2

    (greeting/welcome) frío
    • You should see him wrinkle his nose in disgust if it's all chilly and unfriendly.
    • Earlier today, Bill, Powell had rather a chilly reception from the Moroccan king.
    • Also, they give the president's State of the Union speech a rather chilly reception.
    • He had been threatened, his wife was spat at and his family received a chilly reception in stores around town.
    • The branch entered the market in November of 1994, to a very chilly reception.
    • A group of volunteer border guards get a chilly reception in southern California.
    • According to a source who was there, Mr Barry received a chilly reception that day back in the Fifties.
    • Graph Nobel has been a cause célèbre on the T-Dot scene, but she received a chilly reception from most of the overheated onlookers on this day.
    • But to Thayer's chagrin, the movie meets with a chilly reception from critics and public alike.
    • The Japanese delegation received a chilly reception in Laos.
    • Initially his ideas received a chilly reception by the high command.
    • Crying after Mrs. Moore's chilly reception, Adela begins to cry out Aziz's name.
    • This view has, thus far, met with a rather chilly reception among dinofolk.
    • He had given her a rather chilly reception, telling her she was too careless with the maintenance of her gun.
    • But New Zealand wasn't ready for a welfare state and the proposal met with a chilly reception.
    • Not surprised by the chilly reception, Rena bids Olivia a goodnight and moves away.
    • Their influence is suspected in the chilly reception from corporate Canada.
    • This little chilly brat has a knack for getting onto people's nerves.
    • Barker is often perceived as a rather chilly writer, but here he laughs at the absurdity of humanity that dares to hope even as it digs its own grave with a spade.
    • The anger was no longer present, but the chilly persona still lingered.