Translation of chimney pot in Spanish:

chimney pot

sombrerete de la chimenea, n.


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    sombrerete de la chimenea masculine
    • Christmas may be the season of good cheer but goodwill to all men doesn't extend to the criminal fraternity, for whom opportunities for rich pickings increase faster than Santa can get down a chimney pot.
    • After a morning trawling reclamation yards, he has returned with a chimney pot, paving stones and welding rods for gutter brackets.
    • They content themselves with resurfacing pensioners' driveways at £1, 000 a throw while Cousin Joey slaps a bit of mortar on the chimney pot for another five hundred notes, cash in hand.
    • As I stare out of the window, I notice the frame needs sanding and painting, the ivy is threatening to throttle the chimney pot, and the council is about to send in the Triffid team to sort out our weeds.
    • Not only does the chimney closure act as a functional unit for the home, it also looks very impressive and perfectly complements the exterior of homes when placed on the chimney pot.
    • A swarm of bees arrived in Derrybeg last Sunday and decided to make a hive in a chimney pot in Third Avenue.
    • She then realised that it was an earthquake, the like of which has probably never been felt in Sale before, and went out to check her chimney pot.
    • A chimney pot fell through a house in Ringwood Avenue, Fallowfield and another fell from the roof in Moston.
    • The BBC reported that a chimney pot fell off and some bottles rattled on the shelves of an off-licence.
    • They were called to Sandmartin Crescent, Stanway, after a bolt of lightning struck a chimney pot.
    • We left the kite tangled around a chimney pot, as you can just make out in the photo.
    • In other cases, however, a house or building might have a large flue, but not be visually suited for a huge chimney pot.
    • Strange things begin to happen - sounds, missing house cats, scary paranormal nail-poppings, a falling chimney pot that injures one of the workers.
    • He took a deep breath of contentment and then ducked in alarm as a jet fighter tried to remove his eardrums and his chimney pot.
    • Last Thursday night, men in combat jackets climbed the roofs of the mostly deserted homes of Cluan Place, on the Protestant side, and placed UVF flags in each chimney pot.
    • Maybe I'll just have one foot resting on the peak, and the other further back, and I'll just happen to hug this chimney pot.
    • Bees buzz around a honeypot and huge storks feather their nests on every available chimney pot and ledge.
    • Thieves stole an old terracotta chimney pot and wheelbarrow from one garden, together worth £140, and two brown Victorian-style chimney pots worth £80 from another.
    • There are lots of chimney pots, which means we can diversify very easily.
    • ‘We need to count chimney pots,’ says Tucker, ‘because we don't have a huge population to target in our own heartland.’