Translation of chimpanzee in Spanish:


chimpancé, n.

Pronunciation /ˌtʃɪmˌpænˈzi/ /ˌtʃɪmˈpænzi/ /tʃɪmpanˈziː/


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    chimpancé masculine
    • The argument is at its most powerful when it comes to the great apes chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans.
    • The apes are a category of primates represented in Africa by gorilla, chimpanzees and bonobo.
    • The net effect is that hunting bonobos, chimpanzees, and gorillas has now become big business.
    • Could some birds really be as intelligent as primates such as chimpanzees or bonobos?
    • His favorite species for this work are chimpanzees, bonobos, and capuchin monkeys.
    • Wild chimpanzees and bonobos can be skilled at selecting tools for particular jobs.
    • The situation is most dire for primates such as bonobos, chimpanzees and gorillas.
    • The apes are most likely a group of giant chimpanzees that display gorilla-like behavior.
    • The Mercury flights lifted two rhesus monkeys, two chimpanzees, and six men into space.
    • Orangutans and bonobos will be the first to go, then gorillas, and finally chimpanzees.
    • Humans and gorillas are sister taxa and are more closely related to one another than either is to chimpanzees or baboons.
    • No African fossil has ever been found that is related to chimpanzees or gorillas.
    • Gorillas practice infanticide and chimpanzees hunt and torture baboons.
    • Her friendly demeanor is appreciated by all, especially by the monkeys, chimpanzees and even the gorilla.
    • A 1996 case was even traced to hunters who skinned and chopped a chimpanzee found dead in the forest.
    • Protected species such as elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees are prized, but illegal, pieces of meat.
    • We'll start with lower ones, and then work up to our closest relatives, the chimpanzee and bonobo.
    • The apes nest on the ground like gorillas but have a diet and features characteristic of chimpanzees.
    • What is the most human-like behaviour you saw in chimpanzees?
    • Critics argue that, as a result, young chimps never learn how to be chimpanzees.