Translation of chin in Spanish:


barbilla, n.

Pronunciation /tʃɪn/


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    barbilla feminine
    mentón masculine
    pera feminine Southern Cone informal
    to have a weak / receding chin no tener barbilla
    • double chin papada
    • Typical adult females have smaller jaws, noses, and chins, and thus eyes and cheekbones that are more prominent and appear to be larger than in typical males.
    • Adrian shook his head, lowering his chin and raising his hand to check his wig was on straight.
    • The victim suffered severe cuts to the upper lip, lower lip, the chin and into his neck.
    • He had brown eyebrows and some brown facial growth on his chin and around his mouth.
    • His fingertips brushed my chin as out our mouths collided, and passionately we kissed under the stars.
    • He yelled, while he stroked his pointy chin with his clawed right hand.
    • I sat down at the kitchen table and rested my chin in my hands.
    • She leaned her elbows on the windowsill, resting her chin in her hands.
    • I lifted his chin with a finger and he stared reluctantly into my eyes.
    • Coby lightly rubbed his chin on my shoulder when a laugh peeled out.
    • Glancing down the hallway, he rubbed his chin thoughtfully then tapped out another set of numbers.
    • Ant cupped his chin in his palm as he sized up his brother.
    • He pulled her closer to him, cupping her chin in the palm of his hand.
    • The King took the paper and began reading it, scratching his bearded chin.
    • She walked over, encircled her arms about his waist, and propped her chin on his shoulder.
    • He backs slowly away from the door and scratches his chin in thought.
    • The girl's chin quivered, but she did not cry.
    • In trying on the helmet, you must hold it by the chin straps.
    • He had a slightly pointed chin, and flecks of stubble grew there.
    • Her face was delicately formed with a thin, shapely nose and a slightly pointed chin.