Translation of Chinese in Spanish:


chino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtʃaɪˈniz/ /tʃʌɪˈniːz/


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nounplural Chinese

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    chino masculine
    china feminine
    • It was retold by the Chinese and by the national minorities of southern and southwest China.
    • The purpose of the airlift was to carry enough supplies into Western China to keep the Chinese in the war.
    • Hartley easily beat Wu Minxia of China, preventing the Chinese from a possible sweep of diving gold medals.
    • Fighting the Chinese in China would have led to a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
    • SARS threatens China and the Chinese in a variety of major and extremely dangerous ways.
    • By the end of the Nineteenth Century, a strong sense of nationalism swept over China and many wanted to reclaim China for the Chinese.
    • And this is why John Snow was over in China recently asking the Chinese to let their currency, the yuan, rise against the dollar.
    • If so, then plainly the Chinese of China were, in MacDonald's jargon, the ‘ingroup’.
    • In turn, many missionaries came to China to convert the Chinese to Christianity as part of colonization.
    • Indians abroad are as fond of their mother country as the Chinese are fond of China, but investment isn't a matter of the heart.
    • As McArthur's forces drew closer to the Chinese border, the Chinese delivered many threats warning of consequences.
    • In table tennis, the Chinese are the dominant nation.
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    chino masculine
    • These languages include Chinese, Hindi / Urdu, Japanese, Juang, Korean, Icelandic, Lithuanian, and Russian.
    • This was offered in broadband by BBC News interactive in six languages including Urdu, Chinese and Arabic.
    • His poems have been translated into all Indian languages and foreign languages, including Chinese, French and German.
    • He went so far as to recommend Chinese as the universal language.
    • The majority of the population in Hong Kong is Chinese and speaks Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese, as the language for daily communication.
    • The fact that up to one million people in Britain are bilingual in some of the world's great languages like Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and Spanish should be celebrated.
    • All the menus can be changed to support multiple languages, including Chinese, German, French and Japanese.
    • Skills developed as a result of the workshop can be used to go on to learn other tonal and non-tonal languages including Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
    • Of course, English is a far more global language - though primarily as a second language - than Chinese, the vast majority of whose speakers live in China.
    • Fewer than 50,000 students study Chinese, a language spoken by almost 1.5 billion people worldwide.
    • I feel very strongly that my first language was Chinese - my mother tongue.
    • It handles the above languages plus Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
    • Although China is becoming more inclusive, Chinese as a language is quite exclusive.
    • Many of the signs on Christmas Island are in 3 languages - Chinese, Malay and English.
    • Schools in Tibet have been transformed to teach only to those students willing to learn in Chinese, a language most Tibetans do not speak.
    • The Beatles Anthology will be published in Britain and the USA, with plans to have it translated into dozens of languages, including Chinese.
    • Three novels are out and translated in most of the major languages, barring Chinese.
    • The school uses English and Chinese as the languages of instruction.
    • Four had taught Spanish as a second Language to Chinese, Moroccan, and Eastern European immigrants for a very limited time.
    • In addition, they were encouraged to use the Manchu language, rather than Chinese.
  • 3British informal

    (food, meal)
    comida china feminine
    • More fabulous is Gars - which various Brighton friends had assured me was the best Chinese in town, and having tried it I have to agree.
    • I love Japanese food and, when I get time, I try to go out to a West End restaurant but it's nice and easy to be able to go to your local Chinese.
    • Now to head to the Chinese for a takeaway, then freshen up and head down to Brookes for some light refreshment.
    • We went to Dads before we'd had any tea so when we got back we just had a couple of microwave burgers and I popped round to the Chinese for some chips and curry sauce.
    • For years the only decent restaurant in Manchester was the Chinese, Yang Sing.
    • It is situated just off the Champs d' élsyee and sandwiched between an Irish pub, and takeaway Chinese, so it is not in the most desirable spot.
    • Forget Chinese, Indian or pizza - a York chip shop is to deliver traditional fish and chips door-to-door.
    • Getting pizza, Chinese or curry delivered twice a week at £20 a time adds up to an impressive £173 a month.
    • As we are not in training we aren't able to burn off the Chinese or the Kebab you ate the night before.
    • Jim was dishing up the Chinese now onto two plates.
    • She also told that the pizza would be there in five minutes, the Chinese in ten, and asked that someone go and pick up and order from Applebee's.
  • 4British informal

    restaurante chino masculine